Clothing your Baby and Child

Getting dressed is one annoying thing for the baby since its small limbs may not go inside the sleeves and it will take quite some effort to put the dress on the baby. This process is annoying to the baby which would eventually go on to cry. The baby will also be subjected to too much of irritation mentally. First of all, dispose any pins which might poke the baby causing injuries. Also, change the clothing of the baby every day.

Changing the dress of the baby should be done every day to maintain the health of the baby. If this is not done on a day-to-day basis, your washing of the baby each and every day will be of no use leading to skin diseases. Clothing of your child is also the same as that of the clothing of the baby. There should be enough warmth to not let the child feel irritation on the skin. Too little clothing will also lead to the child or baby getting increasingly prone to diseases.

The oft-varying climate will make the baby or the child a constant subject of croup and there will be other risks and diseases in the lungs. Contrarily, too warm clothing will also lead to diseases which are mostly similar to the diseases that happen when there is exposure to cold. This makes the baby or the child more susceptible to cold. Inhaling cold air into the lungs is also one more reason for the baby or child to catch cold.

Cloth the baby or the child according to the season you are in. Children or babies after a certain age can endure flannels which becomes normal or regular and also necessary. Cotton may substitute the flannel you have been using in winter which you can resume in the autumn. If flannel irritates the skin of the baby too much, use fleece hosieries which will help alleviate this problem.

You must also make it a point that clothing on babies should not be made to restrain the movements of their limbs or even the body with no pressure on the waist and chest of the baby. The muscles of the baby must have good liberty to move freely. This free exercise in the baby or the child causes growth which ensures the efficiency of the functions of the muscles and also the regularity.

Even girl babies and girl children must be dressed in the same manner with not much of a difference between the sexes when it comes to dressing.

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