Clothing your Baby the right way

Babies are highly susceptible to cold which can be avoided by proper clothing of the baby. Clothing is important for their overall physical health. Unfortunately, the general opinion is that the baby has the ability to generate heat and resist cold and this is a fallacy. This has given rise to fatal results.

This has been a prevailing opinion fostered by the insidiousness in what cold does on the surface. The hazardous effects are not manifested during or after its application which results in wrong reasons cited for the fatal reaction or the infant sinks due to an unknown cause. Warm-blooded mammals do have the ability to generate heat which remains minimal during birth.

This increases only during adult age; Normally, young animals are a tad colder than being warmer. They lose heat more easily. It is evident that it is an absurd folly of “hardening” the constitution by plunging the baby into cold water at all seasons of the year and exposure to cold with the currents of an easterly wind, with thin clothing.

Some principles are better left behind by nature to be followed in clothing your baby. Here are they:

Choose materials and the quantity of clothing that preserves the baby and makes it feel the warmth which is regulated by the season and the delicateness or the strength of the baby’s constitution. The mother must not also stick to the custom of wrapping the baby in several folds of warm clothing, and putting the baby in rooms too hot.

This puts the baby into the extreme consequences opposite of the one aforementioned. It is easy to let the baby go susceptible to weakening its constitution with disease and make the skin vulnerable to cold. This will result in the same diseases which the parent wants the child to be protected from. The cloth must be worn enabling the baby to take free movements of the limbs and the other parts of the baby’s physique.

Loose and easy clothing will allow the insensible perspiration to take the exit rather than to be absorbed by the clothes being confined to them. It should have less contact with the skin as it will lead to irritation. It is also important to ensure that the clothing of the baby does not irritate the tender skin of the baby.

Hence, babies can be wiped with flannel, which is a trifle rough, but is suitable as the baby grows into a child as it acts as a slight stimulus to the baby’s skin which helps maintain proper health of the baby.

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