Connecting With Your Child Through Breastfeeding

Connecting With Your Child Through Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful natural acts which bonds a mother to her baby. But more than that, it is a necessity for the new born and scientific evidence shows mother’smilk is the ideal nutrition for term and especially preterm infants as it improves their immunological defense and gastrointestinal function.

However, besides being a natural act, breastfeeding is also a learned behavior, signifying that mothers, families and healthcare professionals need to be educated on optimal breastfeeding practices to overcome any potential hurdles that may influence breastfeeding initiation or continuation. A lot of mothers face situations wherein they discontinue the practice.

Breastfeeding becomes painful at times

Mothers may feel fleeting pain in their breasts when their milk lets down. Some women feel slight tingling, some immense pressure and slight pain, ache or discomfort, while some mothers don’t feel the pain at all. However, the pain occurs initially and once when you get used to breastfeeding, you can easily overcome this barrier. Pain also occurs as sometimes the babies do not latch properly at the right place. Babies also have a tough time latching at times. Consulting with a board-certified lactation consultant can help with these situations.

Some mothers find it difficult to find time to pump:-

Depending on how heavy their milk flow is, some mothers can fill a bottle in one pumping session, whereas others may need to pump two or three times (and sometimes more) to get a full bottle. Thus, pumping is a time consuming process and working nursing mothers may find it hard to find time for it. It is advisable that if you are returning to work after maternity leave, you should start trying to pump a couple of weeks beforehand so your body begins to respond to the pump. Some mothers also feel reluctant while using breast pumps… it is totally safe and advisable by doctors as well! Manual and electric breast pumps available in market today, simplify breastfeeding for you!

Mothers feel socially awkward:-

Are you a new mom? You may feel awkward when your little one needs to feed while you are out. However, it is a natural phenomenon and you should feed your newborn carefree when outside. Find a quiet corner and nurse your baby. You will gradually become used to breastfeeding when outside over time and thus need not feel shy.


Lack of awareness about importance of breastfeeding:-

Surprisingly yes! Many new mothers still lack awareness about the importance of breastfeeding. Access to a lactation consultant and breastfeeding accessories are important to most mothers. Mothers who are more aware and use lactation consultants are more satisfied with their support and do not face many barriers while breastfeeding.

Decreased milk supply

Mothers often stop breastfeeding due to decreased milk supply.  Your milk supply is also determined by the stimulation that the baby provides while nursing. So, if you face this situation, try feeding your baby more often. Stress, illness, and some medications can also temporarily decrease the milk supply. Drink plenty of water and eating good, nutritious food will also help.

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