Cool Touch Gel Pad For Children Review


Cool Touch Gel Pad For Children



About Cool Touch Gel Pad:

Cool touch gel pad by sandor provides cooling sensation that helps to dissipate heat-related discomfort conditions.


  • -contains 3 pads
  • -can be used as a co-adjuvant in feverish states
  • -gives relief and pleasant cooling effect
  • -hydrogel layer allows the gel pad to exert a cryogenic action
  • -improves rest conditions and helps to recover strength
  • -cooling effect lasts up to 10 hours
  • -made of adhesive material for comfortable fit
  • -refrigeration not required
  • -safe to use with medication
  • -quickly dissipates heat
  • -gentle to skin



Price: (3 pads) for rs.105.00

Shelf life: 3 years

Age group: 3-12 years

Care & warning: for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on eyes. Avoid attaching the gel pad onto skin with any cream applied.

Instructions for use: 

  • -Take a gel pad from the sachet.
  • -Peel off protective liner & put the patch with its adhesive side on your child’s forehead.
  • -Place it well.
  • -This cooling effect will last up to 8 hrs.



My view about Cool Touch Gel Pad:

Cool touch gel pad children give an instant cooling relief to the children from any heat discomfort. This is also useful to get recovered from the strength and the lost energies. The hydrogel layer that is placed in the contact with their skin helps the gel pad to use a cryogenic action, as claimed. This absorbs heat and lowers their forehead temperature.

This is a very convenient option to lower the forehead temperature and the best part is they are disposable. Thus, you need not take salt, ice water and hanky to keep them every time on the forehead. This product doesn’t require refrigeration and is portable. Thus, you can carry it everywhere you go and use anywhere your little child feeling fever discomfort.



The effect of cool touch gel pad children lasts up to 8 hours and can also be used with other medication. To my experience this is a best option for fidgety kids! They feel very soothing when applied. They are neither as harsh cold as the ice packs. This can also be used for sprains, fevers, burns and headaches, fevers.

You just have to cut the sachet, open the pouch and remove a cooling gel sheet to apply. Keep in mind to store the unused gel sheet in the given foil pouch to reduce the effect of drying and reseal it tightly.

This is only for the external use and if any redness, irritation, burning or discomfort occurs on the skin, avoid using this and consult a physician immediately. See that you don’t apply this to the wounds or very sensitive skin.



 What I like about Cool Touch Gel Pad:

  • Easy to apply
  • Effective to lower the temperature
  • Gentle on skin
  • Non messy
  • Acts very quickly
  • Compact,
  • Odourless

What I dont like about Cool Touch Gel Pad:

  • None

Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend Cool Touch Gel Pad? Yes, this is a must have with every parent to outings or even indoors.

Have you tried Cool Touch Gel Pad For Children?

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