Dealing With Post-Partum Depression Naturally

Post-partum depression is a kind of depression faced by a new mother after her delivery.  It happens because the body is attempting to regulate the  hormones. It is generally mild but can become a serious issue of psychosis if left untreated.  It can have devastating consequences for both mother and child.

It is believed to be more common amongst women who already have a history of post-partum depression or general depression.  If they have little support from family and friends, if their life is very stressful, if they have a colicky baby, if they have financial or marital issues or if the pregnancy is unplanned.

Before we look at natural remedies to deal with this kind of depression let us look at the signs of Post-Partum Depression. When the following symptoms appear after the birth of a child, the mother may be said to have post-partum depression:

Postpartum Depression Symptoms

  • Lack of interest in your baby
  • Negative thoughts or feelings toward your baby
  • Lack of concern for yourself
  • Lack of appetite
  • Loss of interest in life
  • Frequent crying
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling guilty
  • Problems sleeping
  • Strange behavior
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Confusion

Now lets see how it can be dealt with naturally.  Firstly, do not experiment with any kind of medication.  Do not use  medication prescribed for another patient of the same either.  Let your own Doctor examine you and then tell you what course to follow under his supervision.  Do have your thyroid gland checked to ensure it is functioning optimally. A sub-functioning thyroid can be implicated in depression.

Once you have visited your Doctor  you can implement a few things yourself.

How to get out of postpartum depression/Tips:-

  • Get as much sleep as possible.
  • Eat a balanced and nutrient rich diet. Deficiencies are common for women post-pregnancy, especially the B-vitamins and Omega 3s.  Do ask your Doctor if you can continue to take your prenatal supplements.
  • Try to include one enjoyable activity each day to your routine.  Get your husband, a family member, or a friend to help you with the baby for at least an hour so that you can devote it to yourself.  Meditate, read, take a nap, walk the dog, just day dream, watch your favourite saas bahu serial or go to a dress or floral boutique and just browse.  It will make you feel so much better.
  • I hope you have a supportive friend or family member in whom you can confide.  Talk to someone who can lend a ear and give you a smile.
  • For those of you who maintain a diary…well, pen down your feelings.
  • You may not find such a group in India but if you are lucky and find one that offers support to those suffering then join it.
  • Spend time out of the house daily.  No matter what.  A change in scenario is a big thing for you at this time.
  • What’s all that money for if you can’t spend it when you need. Go to a spa.  Get your self pampered or try ayurvedic massages and acupuncture treatments.
  • Having a baby is no easy task.  9 months of having the baby in the womb and then the delivery.  It is taxing on both your mind and body and you are no machine.  Don’t be proud.  Allow yourself to ask for the support you need.  If you are happy and healthy your baby will feel the same vibes and so also your loved ones around you.

    Have you ever had Post Partum Depression?  How did you deal with it?  Do share your story with us.

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