Detection of Diseases in Babies

Mothers should always be aware of certain information that will help her detect the diseases of babies as and when they appear without delaying the diagnosis. By doing this, she can seek proper medical advice and guidance by the meds. This is a not so difficult knowledge to obtain as mothers can find out their babies even when their eyes are tired with the help of the smell that emanates from the baby.

Of course, the baby must be placed before her nose in a closer proximity. She has to be aware of what constitutes good health and what will make bad health and increase vulnerability to disease. She will quickly learn that all the deviations will result in a disorder even if it is not an actual disease. She will make herself familiar with the body of the baby by being aware of the constitution.

Health of the baby

Signs of good health must first be understood which represent the healthy performance of the different functions of the body. The regular demands should arise with their being met immediately neither in excess nor insufficient. The regularity must also be in the cleaning of the bowels in both the quantity and the appearance of the excreta. The healthy body of a baby is round in all the parts of the baby with no angles.

It also needs to be checked if the limbs are straight and every line makes a circle. These limbs will feel strong and solid; you can discover the joints unless they are bent. The tongue of the baby is white in color even when the baby is in proper health. It also has to be free from sores, skin being cool with clear complexion, cool head, bright eyes and stomach not protruding too much as a rotund belly.

The breathing of a healthy baby is even, regular and without much effort. As it awakens, the baby keeps playing cheerfully with a merry-go-round happy laugh. While sleeping, the baby’s face will show calmness and happiness with all the features at the right places and sometimes smiles abruptly. The above appearances must be present in its fullness for the baby to be declared highly healthy. Even a partial absence may also mean an upset health of the baby.

A baby’s health may be determined from the clarity of its countenance, the gestures such as laughing and playing, gestures in sleep, the stools and the even effortless breathing and cough. Absence of these means precautions must be undertaken and the presence of these is something to rejoice.

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