Developing Helping Skills|Family Super Set Review

Developing Helping Skills|Family Super Set Review

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I am sure all of you mothers would agree to the fact that good things need to be taught to growing kids once they are able to understand certain things and your instructions. As they will be able to know right from the beginning what is right thing to do.

Here you can teach little things like throwing the used tissues & chocolate wrappers in the waste bin or any other useless thing which you think is of no use, to go straight to the bin. In this way they will eventually develop a habit on their own to keep their surrounding clean & tidy.

To ease you with developing cleanliness around them I got a family set for my daughter which I found really useful in incorporating things about helping in keeping the house clean.


The set includes toy shapes of basic items used in keeping the house clean. The items are-

  • Toy vacuum cleaner
  • Dustpan
  • Dusting Brush
  • Dust spray

My Experience with Family Super Set-

A child need not be directly made to learn these things on the actual dust but one can show them how to help in cleaning for instance while doing this DIY alphabet learning activity there is excess rice that fall of whole arranging the letters. So you may teach kids how to gather the rice from the floor with the help of these toy dust pan & brush. And like wise you may show few things like how to keep their food & study table clean. This will surely develop a thought in them that they are doing their part in helping their mothers keeping the house clean.

Similarly while eating many kids tend to spill food so you should immediately guide them to properly put it in the dust bin as soon as they finish with easting.


If cleanliness is incorporated from early days itself , you won’t feel the need to worry about how messed up the house becomes when your toddler arrives from school or play. They will very well know where to keep their things and not make their house dirty by throwing things here & there.

What I like about Family Super Set-

  • Made of soft plastic
  • Light & Harmless
  • Attractive pink color
  • Perfectly resemble daily cleaning equipments

What I don’t like about Family Super Set-

  • Nothing! As all these things are sufficient for developing primary cleaning habits in kids

Product Rating- 4.5/5

Will I recommend?-

Yeah surely…All mummies should get at least few of these things to let the kids learn how they can help their mummies in cleaning tasks and keeping their room & study area clean.

Have you tried developing helping skills in your kids?

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