Did You Get Your Cervical Cancer Shot ?


Every day we hear about cancer and how it’s incurable like so many other women related diseases. I had heard about Cervical cancer too many times but I never bothered to give it a serious thought .Recently my gynae made me aware about it and I am glad that I got the vaccination done.



Most women in India are unaware about cervical cancer and they think cervical cancer is related to pain and stiffness in neck :D. Cervical cancer is caused by continuous infection with the Human papillomairus (HPV) which is quite a common virus which one can give to another during intercourse.

Women who are smokers, who have multiple sexual partners and those with impaired immunity with HIV and also after as organ transplant get  affected by this cancer easily. (Though I don’t fall into either of them). It is also said that cervical cancer hits young women with growing children the most. Best thing is that this cancer can be prevented by vaccination. Like many, I also used to think that it can not happen to me however this kind of attitude is plain ignorance and one must take a little effort and get the required vaccination.

India stands first in 50 countries and has 73,000 deaths every year due to cervical cancer which is alarming. We beat everyone in these things most of the time

Cervical cancer dosage:- This cancer dosage is given to children of age 11 to 12.Even boys are given so that the HPV virus doesn’t spread out through them but its not that popular here. If one is not vaccinated at early age (11-12), women after age 26 can receive the vaccination.Vaccination is given in a series of three injections. The second dose is given after one month of the first dose and the third dose is given after six months.I paid INR 2300 for my first shot so I believe the second and the third dosage must be of same amount.Like a true Indian I asked the doctor why are these expensive.They should be made free so that all can afford it .He answered it was INR 4000 before  and those who were aware still took it.

Also, the vaccination is not recommended for a pregnant or ill woman.

Also, after having the shot I am not able to move my hand up for a day so do keep that in mind.It might be just me but I consider myself very strong

I just had my first dose of Cervical Cancer. How about you ?

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