Diet/Food Chart For 8-10 Months Old Infant

Diet/food chart for 8-10 months old infant


Yay yay!!! Toothless smiles are gone and you can see your baby’s first 2-4 teeth cutting. Don’t be disheartened if you still can’t see those pearls coming out, because it can come as late as 18-20 months too!!! Yes, you read it right

So, if those first teeth are there then don’t jump on with excitement that your baby can now chew all the food available on earth and neither be disappointed that you can’t do that and your baby still don’t want to chew anything (in fact he doesn’t want to eat only ) well, the good news is that whether your baby has his first teeth or not his jaws are strong enough to handle small chunks.



By now, you must have introduced many basic foods and probably on 2 solid meals a day, but now he/she is ready for 3 solid meals. But, there are some babies in the range who will still be eating only 1 solid meal, which is okay. Watch for hunger cues and keep trying. And, remember, the primary source of nutrition is still breast milk/formula till 1 year of age.

Now, you can replace smooth purees with slightly thick textured but very well cooked soft food.

If you are purchasing pre packaged baby food then check for labels and choose products which are low on salt and sugar.

Breast milk/Formula and other dairy products:

Breast milk or the formula still continues to be the main source of nutrition for the first year and contains all the necessary nutrients. No cow’s milk till 1 year. If on breast milk then a daily Vit D supplement of 7 mcg may be required. You should ask this with your doctor. If the baby is formula fed then he won’t need a vit D supplement because the formula already has the added vit D.

Can introduce yoghurt by 8 months and cottage cheese, Colby, jack, cheddar cheese a bit later depending on the digestion. Start slow and gradually increase the quantity. Avoid soft cheeses like brie or Bleu as they may pose health risks. You can try our rice balls recipe here.

Suggested serving: Breastfeed approx every 4 hrs or 20-24 oz/600-700 ml of formula. 2 tbsp of mashed cheese as snack once a day. ½ cup of yoghurt smoothie/milk shake etc

Cereals & Grains:

Now you can try mixing together some grains and slightly introduce the textures. Experiment with cerelas now. Introduce new flavours and try getting a hint on baby’s favorite ones. Though your baby will keep you on your toes because as soon as you figure out his favorite food or flavour he may surprise you with a complete rejection of that taste and liking for something which he hated earlier



Try our various recipes of cereals like broccoli and barley soup, spinach corn and barley soup, barley for babies, split yellow mung beans porridge, rice and yellow moong bean winter khichdi

Give one food at a time and remember the golden 3 days rule, one food for 3 days and then check for reactions/digestion/taste.

The best cereals are Rice-Barley-Oats-suji – sabudana/sago – amaranth- buckwheat – flax – kamut – millet – pasta – quinoa – wheat – sesame – spelt – pulses like moong, masoor, arhar/tur



Suggested serving: 2-3 servings twice a day (1 serving include ½ – 2/3 cup of cooked sheera/porridge, 2/3 cup of soup)


This is the right time to develop a love for fruits. Try giving all variants of different color fruits and try switching between varieties. Give a banana or mango all on his own to your kiddo and be ready to clean the mess



Avocado, apples, bananas, pear, chikoo, apricot, mango, papaya, peaches,plums,prunes, berries, cherry, kiwi, melon, blueberries, cranberries, dates, figs, pomegranate, grapes, nectarines, persimmons, pears.



Instead of puree now you can slightly mash the fruits and hard fruits can be stewed and then mashed and given.

Yoghurt of regular cow milk can be blended with banana, strawberry or chikoo to make a smoothie and various milk shakes can also be made. Try our 5 great milk recipes for kids



Suggested serving: About 7-8 tbsp of mashed fruits/1/4 banana/1 slice apple/1/2 cup of cut fruit 1-2 times a day.


My mantra is that you never know how fussy your kids grows into and learn saying NO to all the good veggies on earth, so this is the best time to puree and feed him all the goodness of vegetables well, jokes apart but if we develop the taste of variety of vegetables now, nothing like that. So try try and try is the mantra. Play with flavours, introduce minimal spices and remember to always wash the vegetables properly with hot water, because of the harmful chemicals and pesticides used on them. Special care to leafy veggies. You can use antimicrobial cleansing agents meant for this purpose.



Carrot, cucumber, sweet potatoes,bottle gourds, pumpkin, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, eggplant etc. Vegetables have vitamins (A, B and C), trace minerals, fibers and protein. Don’t miss on our various veggie recipes, here.

Suggested serving: About 5-7 tbsp of cooked veggies (in 1-2 servings). Try giving completely cooked veggies (avoid raw as of now).


If you haven’t introduced yet then try start introducing chicken,eggs,fish now along with other protein sources like paneer/tofu.the proteins in meat and fish are necessary for development of muscles and organs. Aim at giving one protein rich serving a day. For meat, choose lean varieties and remember to always serve cooked with no pink areas. Steam the meat and mince it and mix with veg purees. Try our chiken and veggie lunch/dinner recipe



For fish, only fresh fillets of fish to be used. You can cook it in rice porridge or steam it.

Suggested serving: 15-30 gms/1-2 tbsp mashed/pureed meat or 1/2 cooked egg yolk / ½ cup of lentils.

Foods/drinks to avoid:

Keep fatty and sugary food and drinks at bay. Keep a check on foods that may pose a choking threat.

Avoid cow milk till 1 year and continue breast milk or formula. (You can make yoghurt and shakes in cow milk)

Look out for any allergy or family history for a particular allergy. Try introducing one food item at a time 3 days to look out for any possible allergy.

Remember??? “healthy growing baby” and a “healthy glowing mommy”

All the best…happy parenting!

What food have you introduced to your baby?

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