Diet for Second Month of Pregnancy

Diet for Second Month of Pregnancy


Has the smell of your all time favourite perfume bothering you much these days? Or do you already know what’s cooking in your neighbour’s house today with just a whiff? Well, if you are wondering, you haven’t gained any super power all of a sudden, it’s just your pregnancy hormones working overtime. This heightened sense of smell is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy that most women face during the early months. And this is also one culprit that can very effectively sabotage all your plans of eating well. So, there goes your healthy pregnancy down the drain. So, what are you supposed to do?



Now you are into the second month of pregnancy, which is very crucial for the development of the baby. This is the time when your doc would probably start referring to your baby as a foetus. At this stage, most of her essential organs and organ systems are in place, which means you should not skip meals and continue to eat healthy. But before you do that let’s first tackle the monster, Mr. Morning Sickness (Oh! how I hate him).

Although it’s very important to eat nutritious diet for you and your baby, it’s going to be really tough to keep down those calories. Therefore, your main aim should be to keep away the nausea and vomiting and eat healthy as well, you can call it killing two birds with a single stone. Below you would find a few options to help with your morning sickness.

  • Ginger tea (don’t have more than 4 cups in a day though)
  • Drink water as often as you can (take it slowly in small sips, don’t gulp down in one go)
  • Have small snacks at regular intervals, think biscuits (if your doc is ok with you having threptin than you can have your protein easily through this) and protein bars



  • Have a lemon with you always, sniff it if you are feeling queasy or add a few drops of it to plain iced water
  • Stay away from the 3Fs (fried, fatty and fiery hot), instead opt for lots of fruits in various ways like fruit chaat, fruit juice, fruit salad, fruit cream, frozen fruit popsicles, fruit with ice-cream or smoothies



  • If you are bored of plain water then try sucking on ice cubes of water, ice cubes of herbal tea
  • Other good option is coconut water – chilled or otherwise
  • Carbonated drinks help greatly in subsiding the queasiness but it’s not a very healthy option (try it as a last resort or under your doc’s recommended dose)
  • Try baked items like pizza with healthy toppings, baked potato, baked cheese pasta and cheese or baked chicken balls
  • You can also have yogurt. Serve it chilled or add flavour to it like amrakhand (made with mango pulp and hung curd) or strawberry yogurt



  • Sucking on hard candies is also going to help greatly if you are travelling

So now equipped with the healthy tips mentioned above you are ready to fight the monster Morning Sickness These tips would not only help you keep your nausea in check but also help you have something healthy in the process. Go ahead and try out these and see what works best for you. And for the diet (if you are able to eat without running off to the wash room) follow the same diet plan that you had in the first month of your pregnancy.

Plan your meal according to the suggestions given here.

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