Diet For The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

Diet for The Ninth Month of Pregnancy


The wait is finally over! Happiness is just somewhere round the corner If you have opted for an elective cesarean then all you need to do is look forward to the date. And if you are hoping for a natural birth then you must be nerved up with every pain in your lower tummy thinking if it’s about to happen. Well, leave these things aside and let nature take its own course, you just concentrate on eating healthy!



Now, you are not just eating to maintain your pregnancy but also to help your body produce the milk that your baby would feed on post delivery. These nutrients would also help you recover quickly after you have had your baby so you can have all the energy to admire your little bundle of joy.

During the ninth month of your pregnancy the baby keeps on piling weight to finally achieve the weight that it would be right after delivery. And all this growth inside your body is happening pretty fast. So, here’s a quick recap of what you need to be eating this month:

  • Calcium enriched foods are a must to keep your bones strong and aid in the production of breast milk
  • Consume plenty of food rich in iron to prevent anaemia and other pregnancy related problems
  • Include fatty fishes like salmon in your diet to get your dose of DHA
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables would help you get most of the nutrients and fibre required for a healthy pregnancy
  • Snack on some good fats like walnuts and almonds instead of a bag of potato wafers
  • Have whole grains for a constant supply of energy
  • Have enough protein on your plate
  • Once more don’t forget to have plenty of fluids every day
  • Eat six small meals throughout the day
  • Avoid foods that are fried, fatty and extra sweet
  • Do not go on an empty stomach for long hours
  • Don’t forget to take your vitamin and mineral supplements prescribed by your doctor



The Indian “Ghee in the last months” Pregnancy Myth Busted

You might have noticed that suddenly all the elder ladies of your family and even your neighborhood want you to eat dollops of ghee with almost everything. Know why? It’s thought that having ghee or butter in the last months of your pregnancy would make your delivery smoother. Really, is that true? Yes, it’s as true as the story of your bestseller novel “Twilight”.  I mean where is this world where humans, vampires and werewolves co-exist and even fall in a love triangle? (No offence to Twilight fans, I’m a fan myself   ) Anyways, leave that aside let’s get back to ghee! With all due respect, I’m very sorry to say that all your chachi, mami, dadi, nani, pados ki khadoos nosy aunty ji you all are absolutely wrong! It’s not going to help the baby slip out of your vagina just like that. Instead it would help you pile up unnecessary calories and if you happen to put too much of weight it might even have a negative impact on your delivery.

The delivery is initiated by muscular contractions in the uterus, which is mainly due to the hormones in your body; it’s not ghee that would initiate labor pain or muscular contraction. In fact it may even end up messing around with your pregnancy. So, if you have been eating healthy there is nothing to worry about, you are as fit as a fiddle. Just be a dead wall to all their ghee laden ideas

We wish you all the luck for embarking upon this beautiful journey of selfless love Once again congrats mommy dear, hope you have found the pregnancy diet series to be helpful

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