Disney Splendid Bath & Shower Gel Review + Video


Disney Splendid Bath & Shower Gel Review + Video

Hello everyone,

Today I am here with a review of a baby shower & bath gel from the brand Disney. Disney products are a hit among children be it the Mickey variant or the Barbie variant. My daughter is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and when I came across this shower gel I could not skip it and I had to take this from my daughter.



About Disney Splendid Shower Gel:

Product Description: Splendid Bath & Shower Gel comes in an attractive Mickey Mouse printed squeeze tube. Now, taking shower is made fun for your baby. It refreshes the whole body and boosts your kid’s energy. It helps to keep them active throughout the day.


  • Refreshing and soft shower gel
  • Lovely fragrance
  • Mickey Mouse printed tube

Ingredients: No harmful chemicals. Perfectly safe for kid’s skin.

How to Apply: During shower, take a little amount of this product and form fine lather using water, then apply it on all over the body and wash it off.

Price: INR 199, I got for  INR 195

Net Wt: 250 ml

Packaging: Disney Splendid shower gel comes in a tube packaging which has a flip open lid. The cap is very firm & sturdy and the tube too is very thick. It has Mickey’s image printed on it with all the other necessary details and is absolutely opaque. For kids the packaging is attractive, but I would have appreciated a little translucent tube so as to get an idea about the quantity of product left.

Fragrance: It has a mild strawberry fragrance which is very pleasing and not overpowering at all, so kids will find the fragrance nice.

My Take: Earlier my daughter used to cry a little during bath time, but ever since I have got this shower gel the bath time has become a lot more fun filled and easier. My daughter loves to hold the tube while she bathes and this has really made things easy for me.

This shower gel foams up really nicely and washes off well too. It leaves behind no slipper residue and my daughter has not encountered any allergic reaction with its usage, well actually my daughter has a very sensitive skin and this shower gel has been really kind on her skin. No allergic reaction and no drying out of skin has happened with usage of this.

The mild strawberry fragrance is very nice and kids will love it.

I got this from a local baby store, and I feel that this will be easily available at various local stores. Overall it is a decent purchase for kids and will recommend it to all moms to get this for their kids.


Do  not miss out the video for  a more detailed review. Also do not forget to hit thumbs up if you like this video.

What I Like About Disney Splendid Shower Gel:

  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Cartoon characters’ image on the tube is attractive for kids.
  • Foams up well.
  • Washes off easily.
  • Leaves no slippery residue behind.
  • Did not cause any allergic reaction or Skin drying issues.
  • Made bath time fun filled & easy.

What I Don’t Like About Disney Splendid Shower Gel:

  • A translucent tube would have been better than an opaque tube.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Recommend: Definitely Yes, it is good shower gel to use for kids.

Have you tried Disney Splendid Shower Gel?

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