Disposable Breast Pads Review (Mother Care)

Disposable Breast Pads

When you are a first time mother, everyday teaches you something you never knew or thought you would experience. Same with me…not only are there new experiences each day but new products to use as well. When I saw these pads I had no idea how I was going to use them but I ordered them nonetheless on the advise of a friend. I got them before  my delievery and they are now a big necessity for me.

Breast pads can help a mom stay dry and comfortable if she experiences leaking pregnancy during breastfeeding. This leaking can be due to breast milk or colostrum. This product should be bought only after the baby arrives. There is no need to have them in advance because breast feeding is not easy any more. You may be under the impression that your breasts will leak but it may be that God forbid but you may not have milk and you may turn out to be a non -leaky, non breast feeding mummy. As in the ase of a friend of mine who had a c section and after a while her baby refused her milk so all the breast pads went to waste.

  • Price: INR 399
  • Quantity: 80 pads

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Why do we use Breast pads ?/what are breast pads used for?

When you feed the baby your breasts will leak breast milk and there is no way you can stop it. It will keep leaking randomly and make your top all wet, which by the way is going to put you in quite an embarrassing position. In some cases one is feeding the baby with one breast and the milk starts leaking from the other.

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Why I find Breast Pads indispensable?

Using the wrong breast pads can cause sore nipples, particularly if the nipples stay too moist. You can use disposable nursing pads or washable nursing pads. I opted for disposable ones. While you are reocvering and busy taking care of your health and the baby after delivery I don’t think you should waster your time and stamina washing and drying pads when re usable pads available at such an affordable price.

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How are breast pads to be used?/How To Use Breast Pads

It’s pretty easy.  One just has to place it inside the bra and you are set .

These pads are made of a soft absorbent material and the size is large enough to  accomodate most breast sizes.  Initially while placing them I felt a little uneasy but later I adjusted to them nicely.  I never felt that they were heavy even after they reached their full absorption point.   You don’t even have to worry about the style of clothing that you can wear while you have one of these on.  They are thin and no visible through the bra.

It is not like I used a pair daily but now that I have started going out I just can’t leave home without them.  One nevers know you may leak.  I still have around 40 left so one box will last for a long long time.  I haven’t tried any other brand therefore I’m not sure if these are the best ones available in the market.  I will definitely buy them again if the need arises.

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Have you used Breast pads? What were your thoughts and what would you suggest? Do let us know…


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