DIY Fake Snow With Diaper

DIY Fake Snow With Diaper

Hello Mommies,

I hope you are having an amazing time with your family & friends and yes it happens to be the New Year week now and we all are really excited for the coming weekend to be equally great! It is a holiday for my kid these days and I have been doing a lot of activities with her to keep her occupied during these holidays and make the most of it this time! Last year I was celebrating the holidays in Hong Kong & this time it is Home where I will ring in the New Year with my family & close ones!

Talking about today’s post it is a fun to do activity with kids especially if you are not travelling anywhere! We all know how much kids love outdoor activities be it the day at a beach , a park or playing snow games! But yes, where I live it never has snow so either you have to visit a hill station during December or January or just stay in & make Fake Snow to play with your kid!

Well, I just made it at home with simply one thing i.e. Diapers. You can buy one easily or you can simply take one if your kid still uses it while going out!

I had previously heard about Fake Snow DIY but this time I thought let me see how it looks & yes it was really good and I had a lot of fun doing it & playing with my daughter. We tried making a mini snowman as well! You too can try it today and make it interesting with your kids!

How To DIY Fake Snow with Diapers

  • First of all take a newspaper as a base so that it anything falls it can be easily thrown away without creating a mess in your room!
  • You will need 2 large diapers for an optimum amount of fake snow to play with your kid! Make sure your kid is big enough to understand what it is!
  • As we all know the diapers have a layer or sponge material at the base of the diaper which is mainly an absorbing material and it can be shredded to make likes flakes like snow!
  • So we cut the upper plastic material of the diaper but before that one needs to pour a glass of water to the diaper so as to make inflate it and also because while shredding it will not fly away all over the room and will stay in one place in a big bowl or tray, which you use to collect the fake snow!
  • Once the sponge layer absorbs water, you can cut the upper plastic and take out the sponge layer carefully in a bowl! If you feel it is a little dry you can add more water to it to make it a little heavier as well as easy to mould it with hands!

You can make snow man with your kids, decorate them with candy or cherry and click pictures of the fun Holiday activity you did this year! Yes it is a little messy but I guess their is not an activity which involves kids & is not messy at all! This one is definitely worth making beautiful memories for the Holidays!

This is a very easy DIY you can do at home and make it all interesting with illustrations of snowman from books and let your kid be creative as per their imagination!

Checkout a little snowman we both tried to make in the video below-

I hope you like this DIY Fake Snow with diaper!

You can checkout How To Make Fake Snow with Diaper below-


Have you tried this idea before?

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