DIY Ideas – Alphabet Learning With Toddlers

DIY Ideas – Alphabet Learning With Toddlers

Hello All Mommies,

Today I am here to share a new idea I am employing these days to teach alphabets to my two year old daughter. All you moms out there must agree that keeping a toddler busy in some kind of activity is so important and they also need refreshments in the activities as, unlike elders, these little minds get bored very easily. Well who said we don’t need refreshments but still elder understand the course of actions as per situation but these toddlers just don’t find any task of activity pleasing for more than 2-3 times in a while.

I saw this idea on pinterest and thought of incorporating it with my baby. I used brown rice in a tray and mixed all the alphabets and  then asked my girl to take them out one by one and place them in the alphabet tray.

Thankfully she did not try to eat the raw rice and enjoyed putting them tray one by one :-p

She played with the rice also, spreading it everywhere which I had to clean later on but she did have lot of fun and has started recognizing lot of letters which made this mommie really proud ! :-))

When she was done with placing all the alphabet correctly in the alphabet tray, I put them back in the rice tray and this time I hid the letters pieces under the rice to let her first search for the letter from the rice and then place it accordingly.

It also accounts for the toddler‘s understanding ability as they search for the particular letter. In my opinion, it is a great way to keep a toddler engrossed and introduce them to the beautiful world of alphabets in an easy way without any rocket science!

How This activity helps toddlers-

  • Firstly, they have a quest to search for a particular letter making them use their mind.
  • Secondly, a toddler tends to search for a particular letter which makes them well acquainted with the alphabet and they learn it and can identify easily.
  • It is a not at all boring for toddlers as they have hardly played any such thing and that too they are learning in the process.

I hope you find this DIY idea working for your toddlers too! Share your feedback on a similar idea to keep toddlers engaged and also make them learn the basics of primary education.

What activities do you use to make your toddler learn alphabets?

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