DIY – Toy Aquarium For Kids

DIY – Toy Aquarium For Kids


Playing is the only things children can think of without any effort. Toys easily becomes boring and new toys are demanded. I always have this scene at home.

This has lead me to make toys out of any crap material that I can find at home. My daughter also gets involved in making a new toy and give her baby-ish innocent ideas too.

These self-made toys have great importance initially for a couple of days, though later on they get toppled into the trash bin. But at least they are not as expensive as the store bought toys.

Now, let us make a toy aquarium with items that you can grab easily available around you.

You have to put together an aquarium case, few fishes and twigs and garden stones to give the actual look of the aquarium.



For the aquarium you can use any sized transparent box. .

For the fishes you will need some colourful papers. The best choice are those advertising pamphlets that comes with the offers of ongoing sales/offers or dominos pizza or pizza hut. They give colourful outcome when cut as a fish. You can make variety of sizes of fishes.



Hang these fishes within the box with help of strings.



And place the twigs/leaves and garden stones at the bottom of the box. Seal the box with the gum tape.



This makes a fun self-made toy aquarium.



My daughter wanted to carry this aquarium box around with her. She wouldn’t agree if I try to convince that aquariums are to be kept in a corner. And then it had to be converted into a suitcase like with handle to carry around.

Thus it became a fish aquarium suitcase.



Have you tried making your own toy?

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