Do babies really need sunscreen?

I was going through an online site, when the site recommended baby sunscreen. A thought struck in my mind “Do babies really need sunscreen?”. Gathering further information I have found few pointers.

As for me, I have never exposed my baby to direct sunlight. We as adults would never like being in hot sun, and how different it is for babies?



Below are few facts which we as parents should know about baby exposure to sun and baby sunscreens:-


  • There are many brands which provide sunscreen for babies. Some say suitable even for infants.
  • Babies under 6 months have very thin and delicate skin. So, if you apply sunscreen lotions to babies under 6 months, all the ingredients are likely to be absorbed by the skin and there is high chance of reaction.
  • Babies have a tendency of licking their hands. So, a sunscreen application on the baby’s hands would ultimately result in sunscreen entering the stomach.
  • Some sunscreens contain insect repellents. This is a strict no for babies and children of all age.
  • Applying sunscreen does not mean you baby is safe from harmful rays of sun.
  • Do a patch test on a small area of your baby’s skin before the using the sunscreen full-fledge.
  • It is always advisable to avoid baby’s exposure to sun than using sunscreens.
  • Thick fabric dress should be used that covers up most of the baby skin while on a sunny day out.
  • A hat with a wide rim is a good choice since it gives shade to face and neck.
  • Babies do not sweat as we adults do. Sweat is a natural coolant of the body. So there is chance of skin burn, redness or rashes.

This concludes that sunscreen has to be best avoided and the shade is a better choice for avoiding sun harming your baby’s skin.


Do you use sunscreen lotions for your baby?


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