Dr.Reddy’s EziNapi Cream Reviews

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This is the first time I am writing for WiseShe Baby Blog and I along with my daughter are very excited about it.

Motherhood is an altogether a new birth of a women. Now, I have a 2.5 yr old naughty and bubbly daughter and when she was about 1 year and 1 month old, she suffered from a horrible nappy rash… so much so, that pus had formed and I had to quit using diapers during winter days.

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I had been using nappies since the very first day of her birth.Initially,I used Pampers but it used to remain wet all the time and she used to be very uncomfortable.Then,I switched to Huggies which did very well in terms of dryness,soaking capacity.

But since the time she started crawling, little rashes began on her bottom but a little application of Vaseline would help.

The real problem began when she started walking; she used to have severe rashes and would feel irritated and cranky the whole day. I tried several measures such as washing her bottom with a mixture of cold milk and water, applying ghee, Himalaya rash cream, rashfree but nothing seemed to help.

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The problem reached  a peak and I had to take her to her pediatrician. He suggested complete disposal of nappies and Dr.Reddy’s EziNapi along with a clotrimazole powder which sometimes even I use for my rashes during summers.

A rash usually occurs due to prolonged contact with urine or faeces and infant skin is verysensitive,it can cause infections also.

About Dr.Reddy’s EziNapi:

  • EZINAPI DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Change wet and soiled diapers promptly,clean the diaper area with warm water,dry the area completely.Apply the cream as often as necessary with each diaper change especially during night time when exposure to wet diaper is prolonged.


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  • PRICE: Rs.130 for 50 gms.

A warning is written to not use this cream on open,deep punctured rashes or infected rashes and lucerated rashes.


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The tube has a screw open cap and is very travel friendly too. The quality of the tube is not like the ones that get inflated and leak from sides but remains as it is. I still carry this in my handbag everyday or whenever we have to go for outings too.

  • Texture:It is white in colour and has a thick consistency and spreads easily.It doesn’t get dissolved into the skin but remains on the top and moistures the skin too.

I used to clean and dry my daughters bottom and apply this over the rashes and believe me, it started showing results from the first application itself.


Also as a precautionary measure,whenever I used to go for a long outing I used to make her wear a nappy; but at home, I completely avoided them. I always applied this cream to be on the safer side.

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My daughters hand!!!!..:)

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In general,I would suggest that one should keep infants’ genital area completely clean, wash the area with a mixture of cold milk and water as it soothes any burning sensation, apply ghee at anal opening of the baby as they very often develop worms which cause harm to them. Ghee kills all such worms. Girls’ genital are should always be cleaned before sleeping as they are more prone to infections and also fluids keep on gathering.

When the child starts crawling,then apply Vaseline on the bottom and try to remove the diaper.


What I like about Dr.Reddy’s EziNapi:

  • Very effective on rashes.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Very mild,pleasant(undetectable) fragrance.

What I didnot like about Dr.Reddy’s EziNapi:

Hope,this was helpful to you. Please comment and share your thoughts and experiences.


Have you tried Dr. Reddy’s EziNapi Cream?

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