DreamBaby Door Stopper (Child Safety Product)

DreamBaby Door Stopper 

Child safety is one priority in a parent’s life. The safety measures differ as and when the child grows. To help manage the situations there are so many options and measures to ensure that no accident happens with the child. One such helping brand is Dreambaby. The dream baby safety product I am showing you here is a Door Stopper.



About the brand:

Dreambaby is a brand that started in 1998 which focuses on child safety. It develops new products to reduce the number of avoidable injuries to children from household accidents. The brand goes by the slogan ‘Because we care for your child’.

About DreamBaby Door Stopper :-

Avoid pinched fingers from slamming doors using the Dream Baby® door stopper. Great for use at home or when travelling. Can also help prevent children accidentally locking themselves into a room.

  • Price: Rs.275 for a pack of 1 piece.



My take on DreamBaby Door Stopper:-


The concept of the door stopper is a good idea according to me. I prevents from shutting the door completely. My daughter had the habit of slamming the door shut and calling for some one to open the door for her. There was high chance of her fingers getting caught while slamming the door. The door stopper is several inches thick and there is a good amount of space left while it prevents the door from shutting completely.

The material of the door stopper is foam. The foam seems thick and durable. As claimed, it slips into any door without any difficulty.



However there is one concern about the material of the product. Since foams are soft, repeated slamming of the door might cause damaged groove to the door stopper and eventually it might tear off.



There are so many safety products provided by the same brand. I have not tried any other product. If need arises, I might buy.

Conclusion/ Verdict: A good purchase from DreamBaby. This child safety product is a good option to avoid unnecessary door slamming from toddlers. It is a good safety measure to help their fingers too.

I am planning for a suitable device to be inserted to the drawers.

Availability: On stores who are partners with Wal-Mart. Available online too at flipkart and snap deal.


Have you tried DreamBaby Door Stopper ?


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