Dress & Skincare Shopping For Toddler + Dubai Moments + Video

Dress & Skincare Shopping For Toddler + Dubai Moments + Video

Hello Everyone,

I am here with a random video this time as I didn’t plan it in advance but really wanted to share some interesting stuff which I got for my toddler daughter when I was holidaying in Dubai last month! This is not a roper haul kind of video because some of the stuff I couldn’t find when I thought of showing it to you guys.

Well, I was in Dubai for a whole week and was really happy to be there are it is considered a shopping heaven for shopaholics. You get all types of shopping attractions here from fashion to gadgets, jewellery to makeup and so many high end brands are here. It was like a place where you could wish to stay forever because the stuff available is absolutely amazing.

For those of you who are planning to visit Dubai, have a look at this I am sure it will be helpful for picking up stuff for toddlers.

I got a swim wear set for my toddler keeping in mind the hot summer days back in Delhi. I really found the fabric quite soft and suitable for sensitive skin of toddlers. The price was also reasonable as this costed me around 1500 bucks.

I got some summer clothes for her and mostly opted for full sleeves summer wear as she mostly prefers wearing full sleeves clothes, unlike me. Well, full sleeves are really great in two ways as it keep the hands safe from the harsh sun rays preventing sun burns. Secondly, full sleeves saves toddlers from insect or mosquito bites while playing in the park in the evening. The full sleeve clothes were about 500 bucks each and I bought many of them in different polka dots and plain ones too.

I also bought a short denim pant which costed about 2000 bucks. Well, I found the fabric quite nice as compared to what you get in Indian stores.

I also picked a cute frock with a front bow for my daughter. If you are someone who loves spending on high end fashion brands, then Dubai is surely going to lure you into buying more than you have planned.

I bought few cute pajama pants for my girl and the fabric is sift and great to wear during Indian summers. These were also in the same range of INR 400-600.

I also bough cute bellies for my daughter with a front bow which I really love on her. I wanted to pick many colors but unfortunately the size available was only this one so I got this one only!

I got some skincare products as well for my daughter. I bought one No More Tangles De-tangling spray from Johnson’s for her hair which gets tangled a lot while playing. I also got Burts Bees Buttermilk soap for her which smells heavenly.

Well, all in all I along with my family had a great time in Dubai and will recommend you all to checkout the place. Its beautiful and kids will love exploring so much interesting stuff.

Do checkout the video below and catch some great moments from my Dubai Trip! Have fun!


Have you shopped Summer wear for your toddlers?

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