Easy & Quick Snack From Beaten Rice for Toddlers

Easy Time Pass Snack From Beaten Rice for Toddlers


It is very complicated when it comes to tastes of toddlers. At times something is not nice. But the same thing is nice at a different point of time.

And the time pass type of snacks they need is always never ending. Everything has to be innovative every time. Have you all experienced this? Or is there any one facing this situation now?

The pressure of preparing healthy time pass snacks is always there in me.

I am sharing here one such easy snack made of poha. Poha is beaten rice.

A simple recipe which if you prepare in excess can be stored in airtight container. This snack remains fresh for 3-4 days easily.



Recipe of making  Poha Time Pass Snack for Toddlers:

  • Add a tea spoon of ghee in a pan. When the ghee is hot, add sesame seeds, jeera seeds, garlic pieces, curry leaves, turmeric powder, bengal gram, groundnuts, cashew pieces, raisins, chat masala or dried mango powder.
  • Add any additional/optional ingredients that you think might make the whole thing interesting.
  • Saute all of these for a couple of minutes.
  • Now add poha to the hot pan. Add salt and mix well.
  • Switch off the flame.
  • Now, add sugar and mix well again.

The job is done.

Fill a tiny bowl with a fistful of this flavoured poha and watch your child carefully picking up her/his favourite ingredient from the bowl

This can also be made from puffed rice.



Actually the original recipe is making this using puffed rice (the one that is used in making the famous chat snack of Bhel Puri.). But then I am not able to find puffed rice easily where I live. So, gave a shot with beaten rice.

Do you have more recipes of quick snacks suitable for children?

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