Epidural Anesthesia – What You Should Know Before You Get One

An epidural is one of the most popular forms of medications for pain relief in labor and birth and can be done for regular labor and childbirth induced labors, a forceps or vacuum delivery or even a cesarean section.   It should be done only if the mother has a low threshold of pain.  If you do not want to have an epidural you do not have to have one.

Many mothers choose to use various other techniques to get through labor without using any medication. Using a doula /midwife  is also known to help reduce the chances of you needing an epidural.

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How is it done?/How Is Epidural Done:-


An epidural is usually done with you on your side or sitting up to give the anesthesiologist the best view of your spine. The area of the back is then washed with a very cold cleansing solution. You are then numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize the pain you feel from the actual epidural needle going in. A test dose is done to be sure that the medication is going into the right space. The needle is removed and a thin, plastic catheter is left in your back and taped down for security.

You are then hooked up to medications that will flow continuously until they remove the catheter from your back. This medication can be changed or altered depending on your needs. Pain relief varies from mother to mother.

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 Advantages Of Taking An Epidural:-


  • The Epidural does leave the mother wide awake and mentally aware of everything going on during the birth of her baby
  • More than 90% women get total pain relief
  • Clarity of mind does not get affected
  • Epidurals have evolved since they were first introduced.  Dosage can be altered so that is doesn’t totally numb your legs and feet
  • Less pain  helps you focus on the most important task at hand…pushing the baby out.

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Here are the disadvantages of taking an epidural/Side Effects Of Epidural


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Have you ever used an epidural? How was your experience like ? Are you considering one during your delivery? Do share your thoughts with us.


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