Faber Castell Art Cart Review


Faber Castell Art Cart Review

Babies and toddlers are so associated with colors. Teaching colors to babies is a challenge and a must take up task for parents and care takers.

For my daughter initially, every color was green color. Pink was green, Red was green, Yellow was green, Black was also green, you show any color it was green for her..

I used to be so tensed that was she color blind. At the age of 3 or may be a little over three she recognized every other color properly much to my satisfaction. I am not sure if most of the children take so long.

To introduce toddlers to the whole new world of colors, color pencils are one of the best ways we can choose.



Faber Castell has many variety of color kits fit for children.

Faber Castell Art Cart is a coloring kit that is suitable for kids from the age of 3 years.



This cart contains water colors, paint brush, craft scissors, sharpner, eraser, erasable color crayons, oil pastel; these are a little too much for smaller kids. Since my daughter do not have the patience to color neatly and completely, many of the items are useless.

The water colors are a complete waste. But she is too interested in opening up these pots. The only thing she does with these water coloring pots is to do mess all around.



Sketch pen too, she has no much grip on it. The pressure she applies on the paper with the sketch pens makes the paper to tear and there again she loses interest.

The crayons of course are of great use. There are so many of them. Now she has realized that these crayon pencils are the only ones she can work with. This cart has taught her to refer and color her sheet. The eraser has given her the concept that if the color goes beyond the boundary then it has to be erased.



Smart!! Kids learn many things themselves. It is unnecessary that we parents pressurize ourselves to teach them before handed. Now, I have learnt too, that when kids have enough exposure, they learn lot of things themselves.

On the whole, this entire cart keeps her busy for a good amount of time. I must say 1 hour easily on her own.



Colouring activity is a good way to spend time for elders too with kids without getting bored.



Price: Rs. 300

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Yes. A good purchase to keep your child engaged. Although there are many items which might not be useful for smaller kids, but there are a good number of crayon pencils to keep them excited.

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