Farlin Free-Drop Powder Puff Review

Farlin Free-Drop Powder Puff

I have always been allergic to talcum powder and after reading about hoe it could be harmful to babies, I’d decided not to use any on my daughter. I succeeded for a long time despite questions from a ton of relatives.


About Farlin Free Drop Powder Puff

Farlin Free Drop Powder Puff is specially designed for your little one?s delicate skin with soft puff, to apply the powder evenly.


  • Provides continuous puffing
  • Easy to control the amount of powder needed
  • Feather like touch
  • Built-in powder case

Price: INR 290 (you can buy it here)


My experience with Farlin Free Drop Powder Puff:-


This is truly a must for those who worry about dispensing more powder than usual. Also incase of my baby, she reaches for the powder container and flings it away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come from the washroom to find my bed covered n powder..Messy and irritating ! Then again, every time I powder my girl, the puff always picks up extra product and  end up with a powder coated baby Not only does this look funny, but its also not advisable for the babies health since they may inhale the excess talcum which may cause breathing problems.

This powder puff is amazing in that regard. Its a 3pc puff: the base holder, the puff and the lid. Seems quite like all other powder puffs except that it isn’t! Instead of putting the powder in the base holder, the powder is actually put in the tall lid portion. The puff is then afixed to it and it has a slide lock design to prevent any leakage. So whenever you want to powder your baby, just pop the puff out of the base and pat t on the skin. The puff dispenses a very tiny amount of talcum which is minimal and will keep your babies skin dry without coating it excessively with talcum. Cool right?


This is sturdy as well and I’ve travelled with it without any mishaps. The chances of spillage are also next to none since the powder isn’t in the base portion at all.

I’d recco all mommies and expectant mommies to consider this instead of the usual powder puff. It’s way better and safer in the long run

What I like about Farlin Free Drop Powder Puff:-


  • Easy to use
  • No risk of powder spillage even if it falls
  • Dispenses just the right amount of powder so no worry of excess or wastage
  • Convenient since its just 2pcs to manage instead of 3.
  • Cute looks which will attract your baby for sure

What I don’t like about Farlin Free Drop Powder Puff

  • Nothing at all…I find it very convenient.


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