Farlin Safety Cotton Buds for Babies Review – Cleaning Baby Ears

Farlin Safety Cotton Buds – Cleaning Baby Ears

Having your 1st baby comes with a chunk of all new firsts na? The first time you cut your babies nails, the first time you clean their potty  (Sorry, i just had to include that), the first time you bathe them and even the first time you clean their ears. We clean our own ears so frequently that it never seems to be a great task to clean your babies…that is until you have a hyper-wriggly baby in your lap and have no idea how to clean their ear without the danger of the entire bud slipping in and the fear of causing damage to those delicate eardrums. I had a similar fear and in swooped Farlin to the rescue!!



About Farlin Safety Cotton Buds

Especially designed for baby.Two-level thickness design to avoid the tip getting too deep into baby’s ear.For more safety and hygiene.Paper-stem.

Price: INR225 for 60pcs   (You can buy them online here)

My experience with Farlin Safety Cotton Buds

I love these earbuds! Thanks to these I can clean my babies ears without any fear. Like all kids, Pravi also gets hyper and super-wriggly when its time for delicate stuff to be done (babies are waay too clever I tell you) and this really is a saviour.


It has a 2 level thickness such that the tiny tip-end makes it easy to clean the inner area and gets thicker towards the stem which helps because there’s no danger of the bud slipping in while your baby wriggles away to glory.

The cotton portion is sturdy and won’t slip off the stem either which is another common concern when it comes to local made cotton buds. ALso, the stem is made of paper and not plastic so its a win-win all the way. Yes, it does seem a bit pricey but I don’t mind shelling out extra for the assurance that there’s no chance of injury to my baby. Until she gets bigger and more still (Fat chance huh!), I intend to continue using this design of earbuds only.


Alert!!! I’ve recently spotted Mothercare having these same earbuds but for way cheaper…I think INR 100 for 60buds. I plan to try them next.


What I like about Farlin Safety Cotton Buds

  • No danger of damaging your babies eardrums
  • Paper stem, not plastic
  • Sturdy and the cotton part will not slip off the stem and even if it does the structure is such that it won’t slip into babies ears.


What I don’t like about Farlin Safety Cotton Buds

  •  Pricey.

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