Farrell – Pure Olive Oil review

Farrell – Pure Olive Oil review

Like all concerned moms I thought a lot about the massage oil that I would use for my baby.  In India it is a tradition to massage the child before his or her bath.  One can argue about it as there are many myths surrounding this notion.  I too was apprehensive about it.
An aunt of mine told me that olive oil will darken the skin of my child and that was enough for me to avoid olive oil until the pediatrician told me that babies begin to look darker after few days because of the weight that they lose.  Olive oil is one oil that is not likely to cause allergic reactions.  It has medicinal value and is good for babies as it prevents diaper rash, baby acne and makes the skin of the baby soft .

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This is what the company Jindal claims:-


Farrell Pure olive oil is a magical oil that has fat composition very similar to human skin.  It rarely causes allergic irritations.  It is also pure and unmixed with any other substance.  Produced from the finest quality of hand picked olives, it has the perfect aroma and flavour to dress up your food with a distinctive presence.  Best for flavouring, condiments in salads, pasta, rice, vegetables, meat and fish, it is also used for making cold sauce, crushing ingredients and preparing carpacclo or marinated dishes.

Farrell Pure Olive Oil is also an excellent choice for baby massage as it is a natural oil, contains no additives, preservatives and can be easily absorbed by the baby’s sensitive skin.

  • Price – 185
  • Quantity – 200ml

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Oils labeled as Pure olive oil or Olive oil are usually a blend of refined and virgin production oil.  In the past I used both Figaro as well Farrell.  I found Farrell equally good if not better.  There are people who say that one should not use olive oil on a baby’s hair and since I was not sure about it I decided to use almond oil instead.  I find farrell light and with better absorption.  My daughter’s skin is soft and it has not got any darker yet.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while massaging a baby/Baby Massage Tips

  • Buy reputed brands.  Loose oil or unbranded oil can becoming rancid from oxidation and lead to infection in the baby.
  • No matter how much you are advised about it, REFRAIN from putting oil into the baby’s ear canal and nose.
  • Learn the proper technique of massaging a child before you try it.  You could do some serious damage to your child’s delicate body otherwise. youtube probably has videos on the same if you have no one to guide you.
  • I prefer not to massage my baby when she’s had a vaccination as I fear she may get an infection.
  • After you are done with the oild massage make sure you bathe the baby well as it make cause clogging of pores.  You may notice small white or red colour acne after that.

Massaging with extra virgin coconut oil in summer (In India) is considered it to be the best.  Same with sesame oil.  In winter some people use mustard oil known for its heaty properties to keep the body of the baby warm.  Some people in our region add a few cloves of garlic and fenugreek seeds so that it has anti-bacteiral properties which help build the immune system of the baby.

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The Jindal Group also makes

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Olive Pomace Oil

As far as Farrell olive oil is concerned I am thinking of switiching to coconut oil before the winter comes.

Which oil do you use on your baby’s body? Have you followed any other age old remedies which have benefited your baby ?

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