Fathers-To-Be Can Also Be A Part Of The Process of Giving Birth

Fathers-To-Be Can Also Be A Part Of The Process of Giving Birth


I’ve still not decided upon having a baby but have chosen a hospital already. One of the criteria for choosing this particular hospital is that it allows husbands to be in the labor-room during the birthing process. Yes, it is a must for me. I cannot imagine myself taking all the trouble alone

Most hospitals in India do not allow any family member inside labor room and some allow only one female member. But according to me no one else can be more helpful than the father of the baby. It is a psychological support and the person with whom you share everything has to be with you not only in the labor room but throughout your pregnancy.



Now the article is directed towards fathers-to-be and will address them directly-

Educate Yourself

Read everything you can about what a pregnant lady goes through in the nine months of pregnancy. More importantly acquaint yourself with what happens inside the labor room. You must know how you can help your partner and the process will not come as a shock to you.

Be Strong

The birthing process may make you feel uneasy especially if i is your first time. You need to be mentally strong and if you feel uneasy at any time, step outside the labor room for a few minutes. Make sure that you come back. Also do not make much of what your spouse says to you while in the labor. She is under a lot of stress and pain so do not care if she shoots any caustic statement at you.

Keep your Partner Occupied

Birthing is painful and exhausting. The best you can do to help your wife is to keep her distracted from the pain. You can talk to her, make her listen to music or read a book to her. It will ease the mental stress.

Be Her Voice

Discuss everything related to the birth with your wife in advance. As she may not be in a condition to voice her preferences, you can communicate everything to the doctor during delivery. You can also stop them from doing anything that you know, your partner would not prefer but again remember that doctor knows the best.

Support Her

Encourage your wife inside the delivery room. You must reassure her that everything will be fine. It is only you who understands your partner the best. Sometimes a simple assuring touch does the magic.

Film the Moments

Only if your wife is comfortable with it and hospital allows it. Make sure that you do not hinder medical staff in any way. The videos and pictures of the birthing process can be awesome memories.

Pamper Her

Once your baby comes into the world and your wife is relaxing, it is time to show your love and appreciation. Surprise her with flowers and gifts. Bring chocolates if allowed to.

Cuddle the Baby

Take your newborn in your arms without any fear. Smile at them, talk to them and look into their eyes.

Do you have more tips to share for fathers-to-be?

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