Fears And Concerns That Trouble New Mothers

New moms worry.  They can’t help worrying.  The baby is so tiny and helpless and everyday brings a new challenge.  There is so much to do and so much to learn.  Remember, share your worries and burdens with other moms as it will help you get over your fears.  Talking about things makes them seem less frightening.

Below are some of the most common fears, and some ways to ease your mind:




  • Losing the baby and abduction

Losing your child and abduction is a terrible thing.  Minimize the risk by never leaving the baby unattended in your house.  Do not give your child to anyone without full identification.  Never leave your child alone in the car and always be wary of strangers wanting to hold or ask questions about your baby.

  • High fevers

Fever is the 5 letter word we all dread. It is incredibly scary and I don’t know why it often happens at night when your fears tend to run wild. Call your doctor because young babies tend to get sick very quickly. Cool your baby down by keeping her room at a comfortable temperature, dressing her in light, loose cotton clothes and/or giving her a cool bath.  Try to stay calm – more than likely the fever will subside before the end of the night.  You will give your spouse unwanted tension as well.

  • Leaving your baby in someone else’s care

From the moment you conceive you develope a protective instinct about your little one.  You know best and handing the child over to any one is always difficult.  One way to ease this burden is to observe the person and watch how he or she interacts with the baby. Don’t leave until you are sure that you feel comfortable with that person.

  • Is my baby hungry or am I am I force feeding?

If only babies could talk and tell us when they are hungry and when they are full.  It is too common a worry with moms.  Do not worry about overfeeding (if your baby is not hungry, she won’t nurse) as underfeeding. Pushing the bottle away is one of the first ways of telling you that the child has had enough.  If your child still seems hungry after nursing  and if she’s/he’s not gaining enough weight then you can worry.

  • Under developed child

Do not compare your child to the child of your friend.  Both will have different developmental milestones.   Each child is unique and God has a special schedule for each one at the right time.  Be patient and appreciate each day that the child is happy and in good health.  Keep encouraging your child and he will do what he needs to do at the right time and place.

  • What if I am not a good mom?

Lets face it every woman has a unique life.  Some had happy childhoods and some traumatic.  We often say to ourselves ”  I will not do what my mother did”.  We do fear being bad moms but you know there is nothing such as a perfect mom.  Just try you best and be there for your child when he/she needs you.  As long as they reach out for you at the end of the day…..you know they love you and you are the best!


Are you a mom who is constantly concerned ?

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