Febrile Seizure Experience

Febrile Seizure


… The very name sounds really scary “febrile Seizure”..  It is convulsions that are caused due to high fever in children between the age group of 6months to 5years. It comes generally on the first day of fever which is the time you need to be cautious and try to keep the fever low. I am writing about this based on my experience with my son who had febrile seizure when he was 1yr  and 1month.

Medical Explanation: 

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My experience and my take on  Febrile Seizure:-



One evening he got fever and we thought it was because of the diaper rash he had so we gave him crocin that would help in calming down  the pain and fever. Suddenly,  He looked really tiered ( which is quite unusual of him) and went to bed early.I kept checking the temperature throughout the night but the fever was really quite high. So I again gave my baby the medicine and kept checking him in regular intervals.

Suddenly at around 5am I turned to check on him and I saw him shaking.I woke my husband and told him the entire situation. I turned him over and to our worst nightmare he was having a febrile seizure. We knew about it because my husband is a Neurologist.  I started screaming  and we took him to NIMHANS (which is the best in A sia). We got him sedated BUT  his fever did not come down. Since my husband works there it all went smooth and all the doctors attended my son ASAP. But according to them it was not such a big thing and generally needs no hospitalization but we kept him there until his fever came down.

I kept sponging him with water we gave him regular warm water baths and gave all the medicines we could but fever would just not drop down for three continuous days. (Those were the longest days of our life and it felt like time is at a stand still) . When he sweated it out we were the happiest people on the earth. The doctor felt sorry looking at   me and since I bothered him too much he gave us a syrup that prevents seizure. ( Which ideally  is not recommended, the doctor felt the same and my husband too but we didn’t want to go through what we had just been all over again).I have the syrup for nine months to my baby and was alert about fever all the time.

An year later  he got a febrile seizure. All the emotions came back. We met another doctor from the same hospital and he told us not to worry and gave a medicine to be given on the first day of fever that is when the febrile seizure (medicine has no side effects) occurs and try to keep the fever down . We are doing that now and will continue to do so till he’s above 5yrs.

I recommend that parents who have been through this not to share this incident with your relatives . They will  start treating them like special children and some kind of serious mental illness. Let me tell you my son who is 2yrs knows A-Z, 1-30 and innumerable rhymes which is great(at least it definitely is for me). My intention of mentioning this is that it does not affect them in a wrong way. It is definitely scary but does not affect the child’s brain.


Dealing With Febrile Seizure :-

Never let the fever grow always sponge them with normal temperature water or give them warm water baths. One thing I have learnt from my experience is that time will pass, be calm and your child will be back to normal.


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