Feeding Bra Buying Guide

Breast feeding is Fun and Fashion. I read this somewhere. :-). Well, it can be tiresome too. :-P.

The size, shape and sensitivity of the breasts all change with changing time and demands from the time you have conceived. Once your baby is born, your breasts are to be ready to face any demand whenever called for. :-P.

You might want to find a comfortable nursing bra to suit your daily needs. You might even find a stylish one for yourself.

Here are few things you have to know before buying a pair for yourself.

When should I buy nursing bra?

This is tricky. Do you want to include a nursing bra in your hospital maternity bag? May be yes. You might want to use it after delivery. Or if you feel uncomfortable using a bra right after baby birth, you could opt for a feeding top, stretching leisure bras or nursing camis.

Mostly ladies buy in their last trimester of pregnancy. Breast size would have changed a lot by then from the normal pre-pregnancy size. Buy just 1 or 2 considering the fluctuating size. As days settle down and there is inflow of breast milk, you might need to change your bra size.

What size nursing bra should I buy?

A bra that is fit and comfortable makes the perfect size. The cups should cover most of the breast with no overflow at the top. Taking the help of the specialists at the store is the best idea to find your right size. They know it well since they do every other day.

If you go too early the specialists at the stores are likely to send you back to come after few more weeks.

Have I selected the right nursing bra?

Your bra should fit you on the middle hooks. And the strap should have enough room to loosen or tighten as required. The cup should allow room to place the breast pads. When you have attained the comfort and support feel, you know you have selected the right one for you.

More thoughts about breast feeding bra

  • Sleeping in a nursing bra is not an issue. It is not hazardous or life threatening.
  • Buying under-wired breast feeding bras needs proper examination. The wires have to be soft and flexible in feeding bras.
  • Cotton lined feeding bras are always suggested. Cotton reduces the risk of breast and nipple irritation. Cotton also reduces the build up of moisture.

Should I buy a fancy stylish feeding bra?

It is your taste, style and budget. The stylish sexy looking feeding bras can bring confidence in a feeding mother or a mother-to-be. You can be sexy and stylish while you are feeding. Fit, comfort and support should never be compromised though.

Make your breast feeding phase enjoyable, though it consumes a lot of energy.

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