Feeding your baby

The baby must be kept in the right posture when fed as it must not be fed when it is lying. The head should be kept a little high up in the nurse’s arm which becomes the most natural position where the food will go only the right way. After feeding your baby, put him back into the cot or let him rest on the mother’s lap which should go on for half an hour. This will help the digestion of the baby.

Once, when the baby has got teeth with one or two teeth, you can provide solid farinaceous foods having them boiled completely in water and beaten through a sieve with some milk. Steep the food in water mixing some milk and adding loaf sugar. You can now feed the baby with a spoon. When the grinding tooth appears, you may go on with the same food but you do not need to grate it with a sieve.

Animal foods have to be avoided as babies do not have proper teeth to chew animal foods. You cannot feed an infant with animal food before the baby grows proper teeth to masticate the food which shows that you are not abiding by nature’s laws. The baby needs its teeth to chew the food properly and if you think grating and pounding will suit the baby’s digestion system, it is suitable only for octogenarians and nonagenarians.

They may not have proper teeth but they have their digesting system which might easily digest the food. The baby, on the other hand, does not have a proper, full blown digestion system and hence its bowels are likely to face disorder. A child’s teeth and the adult’s teeth are not the same. Not only teeth but the ability to masticate with the help of Saliva is all so much important to digest the food. If it is swallowed in large quantities, a baby cannot chew the food easily and it will remain undigested.

This is injurious to the stomach of the baby and to other organs which are related to digestion. You cannot give solid food to a toothless baby which is really a very bad idea. The baby will swallow any broken pieces of food but it will do so without the admixture of saliva. Letting the baby swallow such food will lead to diseases in the stomach of the baby.

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