Fenugreek In Pregnancy – Benefits And Side-Effects

Fenugreek In Pregnancy – Benefits And Side-Effects


Fenugreek or methi is a commonly used herb in food. Its leaves are eaten and its seeds are used as condiment. Fenugreek is also considered to be effective in stomach upset. It has been useful for diabetics as it helps in lowering blood glucose levels.

When it comes to pregnancy, there are contradictory reports about its benefits. Here are possible benefits of fenugreek for pregnant ladies and new mothers-



Prenatal Benefits

Fenugreek is considered helpful in stimulating uterine contractions. This may help in easing labour process. This property helps in easing child birth.



Increase Milk Production

Fenugreek has also been found effective in enhancing milk-production in lactating mothers. Lactating mothers can have 6-7 fenugreek seeds daily.

Side Effects of Fenugreek

Now that you know the perceived benefits of pregnancy, here are a few words of caution. There is no substantial proof supporting the above mentioned benefits of fenugreek so do not start eating them mindlessly.

Too much consumption of fenugreek may result in miscarriage. Also there is not enough known about fenugreek being safe for breast-feeding mothers and their babies.

Fenugreek should be eaten only after consulting a doctor and that too only in suggested quantity. It is better to eat fenugreek leaves during pregnancy rather than consuming seeds.

Have you consumed fenugreek during pregnancy? Share your experience.



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