Finger Family Game for Babies and Toddlers

Finger Family Game for Babies and Toddlers


Playing is fun. For kids everything seems fun. Counting, reciting, memorizing, copying, enacting, all these begins with growing age.

Here is a finger family rhymes enacting tale.

I hope You know the famous kids rhyme

“Father finger, Father finger, Where are you?

Here I am, Here I am, How do you do?        

Mother finger, Mother finger, Where are you?

Here I am, Here I am, How do you do?

Brother Finger…..

Sister Finger…..

Baby Finger…..“

So, that makes the simple silly song for babies and toddlers. The video of the rhyme shows each finger fixed at the tip with tiny toys of father/mother/brother/sister/baby.

Watching and dancing for this rhyme is my daughter’s everyday routine. And then one day she caught hold of her father’s pen and drew crooked lines on her finger tip at the inside. When asked she said ‘I am drawing father and mother o-//n my fingers’. Voila!!!! :-D.

And I promised her to do all the finger family rings for her rhyme game.

How to make finger family rings:

  • You will need caricatures of father, mother, brother, sister and baby. You can take print out to the relevant size of your child’s fingers.



  • Make a small paper ring that would fit in the tiny fingers..
  • To this ring, stick the faces of the cartoon caricatures.
  • Fix it up to the top of the fingers of your child.



My daughter wouldn’t let me touch her finger rings.

“You will spoil them!! They are so tiny. Don’t touch. They will tear down!!!”

What!!!!!!! I made these family rings for her, and I will spoil? I will tear?



I had the toughest time clicking these fully done family rings. Her building blocks or kitchen set are always thrown around the house and keep getting them under my feet. But these paper rings are stored in a pouch and in her drawer.

Do you have any simple toy making ideas? I would like to try.

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