Fish Shape Parantha Recipe

Fish Shape Parantha Recipe

Hello Mommies,

How are you doing? Needless to ask, you must be loving how your child is gradually developing!

Today I am here with a new recipe which is a Fish Shape Parantha which I got to learn from a Food group and I really found it interesting and tried it out recently!

So, the recipe turned out to be really good and my daughter absolutely loved having each bite of it! Let me end the suspense here and tell you the recipe! :-p

This is basically a stuffed parantha which can be either deep fried in oil or shallow fried on a tava like regular paranthas!


  • Kneaded Dough (Wheat flour)- 1-2 lemon sized balls
  • Sabzi or Mashed vegetables for filling- I use paneer & potato leftover sabzi as filling
  • A knife
  • 2-3 tbspn Wheat flour during making parantha

Method of Preparation-

  • First of all, on your kitchen counter gather these things and proceed as it doesn’t take much of your time.
  • First of all, take one dough ball and roll in with a rolling pin in an elliptical shape i.e elongated chapati like an oval shape.
  • Now put the leftover sabzi filling length wise on the chapati just in the middle of it.
  • Now with the help of a knife cut from the inner halves to the ends in equal parts. Cut three equal parts on each side of the chapati from the place where sabzi filling is there.
  • Now, firstly taking the top most cut parts, overlap both the sides on one another giving a cone shape to parantha. Place a black pepper ball in the middle of it.
  • Alternately overlap the equal cut parts from the sides of the chapati until there is only one part left which will form the tail part of this fish shape parantha!
  • As you are doing this you will get an idea as to how the parantha takes the shape of a fish!
  • Now based on your preference, you may deep fry it in oil or shallow fry it on a tava on medium flame until golden brown, just like I did.
  • Well, your fish shape crispy parantha is ready to serve to your toddler.

It is really an interesting & very quick recipe for kids. They are fascinated by the fish shape and the sabzi filling makes the parantha quite yummy!

So, what are you thoughts!

I hope you like this easy recipe! Do share your feedback!


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