Fisher Price Learning Phone – Baby Toy Review


By Anusha Adabala

Fisher Price Learning Phone


Hello my dear beautiful mommies,

Hope your little munchkins are doing great in this monsoons. Though it’s difficult to keep them indoors in weathers like these, gadgets like TV, laptops, IPads and mobiles come to our rescue to an extent. But I must admit, it’s very worrying to watch them getting addicted to these stuff and developing an obsession. It was one of those stages I came across Fisher Price learning phone and felt instant happiness to see my baby hooked to it. Its a cute green phone packed with promising features and thus resulted in a desperate and a happy buy. So let’s see what’s this learning phone is all about..



About Fisher Price Learning Phone:

Learn Phone combines three modes with fun role play, baby learns ABC‘s and 123’s by hearing them and seeing them appear on the LED display.

There is also music play – the keypad activities 9 fun musical ditty’s, phrases and silly sound effects with 25 fun animations.

Price: 1299 /- INR

Recommended age: 6-36 months

Gender: unisex

Availability: usually across toy stores fisherprice brand is sold

My take on this product:

Frankly, it was one of those unexplored toys in my baby’s shelf. Though she got very excited initially to hold her own mobile having a keypad and LED display, the volume pitch when she held in her hand didn’t appeal to her. Infact the volume was barely audible unless held close to ear and in a noisy environment, there is no question. I wish there is a volume control to switch modes between high-low volumes when held close to ear and when played in hands. Also female voice output was quite a turn-off, after listening for few times.



The LED screen though big, was very monochromatic with just light green shade display over its black screen. And the phone is also heavy and quite bulky to hold even for an year old, I’m unsure if babies under an year could grip the phone alone. (You can see in the pic, how it spanned in my hand).

The un-appealing, confusing graphics and drab sounds-effects makes this phone a BORE quite soon and for my baby, that soon was the next day of purchase.



What I like about Fisher Price Learning Phone:

  • Very sturdy. The quality of this product is amazing, my baby threw it numerous times, but not even a crack appeared.
  • Cute Toyish mobile appearance.
  • Spacey keypad. Resembles our old mobile keypad.
  • Three interactive play modes. Spells and visually display
  • Alphabets
  • Numbers
  • Plays few mobile tunes, sounds.
  • Animated graphic lighting on screen
  • Has LED display to visually show buttons pressed ie, numbers, alphabets and animated graphics

What I don’t like about Fisher Price Learning Phone:

  • Heavy and Bulky to hold for babies
  • No volume control keys
  • Volume not audible in noisy environment. Actually volume is not very clear or audible unless held close to ear.
  • Boring graphics and unpleasant voice which spells the alphabets,numbers.
  • Monochromatic screen. only one colour(green) appears

Rating: 2/5

Will Irecommend it to others – Nah, you can skip this one unless you like the way it looks or your kid really wants a fisher price mobile cause we never know what really works with them, everyone has different preferences.

Have you tried Fisher Price Learning Phone for your baby?

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