Fisher Price Light And Sounds Activity Table For Toddlers

Fisher Price Light And Sounds Activity Table For Toddlers

Hello Everyone

Today I will be reviewing an activity table which I got for my daughter when was around 9 months old and had just started standing with the support of objects like sofa or center table.

The motive behind buying this Light and sound table was to encourage her to stand with the support of this table and engage in the various activities that this table offers.

Well, I purchased this three-legged table and it was surely not a good idea as when my daughter used to stand with its support, it used to just tremble and she fell many times because of it.

So a lesson came to me to buy a four legged table for a better support!

The table center has various activities about which I will be telling you in detail separately.

The center table has a cute big ball which lights when it is rotated with the hands of toddlers. It lights in different colors and produces a rhythmic sound.

Then there is  a little book just beside the center ball and it has four animal pictures and a single flip page with two animals namely sheep & duck on each side. When the page is flipped, it produces the respective sounds of each of these animals.

Then there is just a sliding caterpillar which can be slided to and fro! No light or sound associated with that.

Then there is a twisty little thing for the toddlers. Also there is another rotating band kind of arrangement which toddlers like to do most of the time.

Another panel on the board is one which has a cat and a dog and when you mover the slider from one side to another it produces the sound of the dog i.e. Bark and cat i.e.Meow  respectively and the lights around the ball at the center flash while these sounds are produced.

So these are basically all the activities which toddlers can play with this light and sound table. Another great feature about this table is that it tends to keep toddlers occupied to a great extent as the colors are bright, sounds and lights on every slide or flip surely pleases a toddler very much!

My daughter did  learn the sounds of all the animals listed in this activity table just by repeatedly listening to them. Now my daughter is 18 months old and still likes to play with this activity table. So it is just useful even if your child starts walking later, they would surely enjoy spending some time with this activity table.

Nowadays there are many activity tables available with kids laptop and many other alluring things and also with four legs so that toddlers don’t fall while taking a support of this activity table.

These types of activity tables are widely available on ebay, Amazon and many other online portals!

Here is the video review of this Light & Sound Activity table for you all where all the activities are shown properly so that you can decide on what type of activity table will you prefer for your baby!

Price- INR 2499.

What I like about Fisher Price Light And Sounds Activity Table?-

  • Colorful & bright
  • Flashes light & rhythmic sound
  • Kids learn the sounds of animals
  • Color Recognition
  • Eye and hand co-ordination
  • No sharp edges
  • Useful for keeping toddlers occupied

What I don’t like about Fisher Price Light And Sounds Activity Table?-

  • Three legged table doesn’t ensure proper balance

Rating- 3.5/5

Recommend?- I would suggest to buy a four legged activity table instead of this one! Otherwise it is a nice table for toddlers.

I hope you liked this video! We will be coming up with more of these toy and activity objects for toddlers for you all!

Stay Tuned!

Have you used a Light & Sound Activity table for you toddler?

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