Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bath Center Review

We had to delay our daughter’s full fledged first bath till about when she was 3 weeks old because her umbilical cord had only partially fallen off leaving a raw red stump behind, which had to heal on its own. So, when the time came for her bath, my husband and I were all by ourselves. My mom and dad had already left and my in-laws were to come only the following week. We didn’t want to delay her bath further as she had thrown up a couple of times and her stump had also healed completely. We watched a couple of baby bathing videos on YouTube and were able to successfully bathe our daughter all by ourselves. I must say that the bath tub we used helped us a lot and has been really great in ensuring that bath times have always been fun! So, sharing with all of you my review of our beloved bath tub!

The Product:

Fisher Price is one of my favorite brands for most baby and toddler products. Towards the end of my third trimester when I was looking around for bath tubs, my criteria was that it shouldn’t be very expensive yet be useful. I zeroed in on the Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bath Center.

My experience with Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bath Center:

  • The highlight of this product is that it grows with your baby with adjustments available from newborn to toddler. Here’s how:
    0 to 3 months: The unique baby sling supports and cradles your newborn baby comfortably and safely. You don’t have to worry about keeping the head slightly erect so that the water does not get into the ears. The only problem is that for a head wash you cannot rely on the sling along. Weight limit for the sling is 10 pounds but I’d recommend that once your baby can sit with support you move to the next stage.



  • 4 to 8 months: Once your baby is a more steady infant, you can remove the sling (or simply use it as a reclining support to prevent slipping by hanging it from the narrow end of the tub) and insert the baby stopper provided to give support to your baby.



  • 9+ months: Once your baby can independently sit without any support, you can remove the insert and let your baby sit on the wider end. My daughter is 14. Months old and we still use it! The weight limit for the tub is 25 pounds (11.3 kg).



  • Features a temperature guide which has smileys to tell you if the water is too cold or too hot or just right. I usually keep the water warmer than the just right smiley and don’t rely on this guide. I feel dipping my elbow in gives me the right water temperature
  • It has a plug which you can use to empty the water even during the bath, so that you can use fresh water for the final rinse!
  • It has a convenient hook to hang the tub conveniently behind your bathroom door for effective space management.

Availability and Pricing:

This is available in most online stores such as, and in stores such as Babies R Us, Target. I have not seen this particular option in Indian online retail stores, though Fisher Price bath tubs are available. The product retails for about 35 USD and can be purchased from here

Product Rating: 4/5

The only negative I feel is the fact that even with the sling head wash in the 0-3 months stage becomes difficult especially if in the initial days you are bathing the baby all by yourself.

So, I will definitely recommend this product to all new parents!

Do you use bath tub for your baby?


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