Fisher Price Stride To Ride Lion Review

Fisher Price Stride To Ride Lion


The moment my son started to sit up on his own and showed interest in standing and walking, {actually more than him, we parents showed interest in him walking ;-)}, we immediately thought of buying him a walker, which we have seen since ages. The regular one in which your baby sits inside it with both legs across the cloth seat fixed in it.

This being our first child, I was sooper excited and would have gone to buy the moment I thought of it, but thank god it was 11 pm and in india we still have our markets closed by that time



About Fisher Price Stride To Ride Lion :-

Price – INR 3149 – You can buy from flipkart here

Like many other occasions internet came to my rescue this time as well… I opened an online shopping site to look for the options available and then thought of reading reviews about the walkers. To my surprise, walkers were a strict NO from all the sources I read. We would not go into the scientific reasons of why walkers should not be used, but I just want to tell here, that walkers are banned in some countries and not recommended all over the world.

Now, my next task was to find a substitute for it to help and support a child in learning walking. I read numerous reports on the benefits of a push and pull toy and made my mind to have one asap.

Who..hoo… as if someone was reading my mind, my son got a surprise gift from his bade papa (my husband’s elder brother). The gift was “fisher price stride to ride lion”!!!

My search for a pull up and push toy has come to an end.



How I find this popular product??? Let’s find out

Product Features

  • Rocking and spring ride-on
  • Characterized walker-to-ride on with play and developmental benefit.
  • 4 wheels with large wheel base and large handle
  • Music, Light and Lion sounds on pressing the lion’s nose
  • Easily convertible from walker to a ride-on by putting the lion’s tail down

Target age group:

Kids above 9 months and below 3 years.

Now, that’s what the company specifies, but babies are always attracted to the bright colors, light and music at an age before 9 months and pretend play with multiple uses till they are 5-6 yrs of age.

Price and best place to buy:

The MRP is 3499/- INR. It’s a bit pricey, but considering the brand fisher price, which is well known for its quality and learning and educational toys, you can consider in investing. What I feel is that fisher price toys are so durable, sturdy and last for years that you can always buy it for your first kid and use it for the second one as well (if at all you are planning to have one  )

The best option is to buy it online as you usually get good deals. ( actually the best option is to get this as a gift, like I got it



What WE ( me and my son) liked about Fisher Price Stride To Ride Lion:

Well, my small little boy can’t write his experience, but surely can express that he just loves his lion.

  • He is so fond of it that even if he is not pushing it around, he loves to play with the bright multi colored front of it with so many different shapes
  • A beautiful blue nose, which plays music when pressed. Though I am now too irritated with that music, but my kiddo plays it and irritates me even more when I say NO to him. But, you know what the best part is???
  • It has a volume control!!
  • Yes, it did help my baby build his confidence in standing by pulling himself up, by holding its handle, and pushing it forward.
  • The wheels are large and sturdy, so it never tips off.
  • The seat base is large enough to sit on.
  • There is ample room for his hands to take a grip on behind the lion’s soft tuft of hair around his ears.

What WE (me and my son) didn’t like about Fisher Price Stride To Ride Lion:

  • The biggest disadvantage I find is that it runs too fast and really race off when you are using it as a push forward walker.
  • It definitely needs adult supervision because my son used to push it so far that could not stretch himself till the distance and catch up to it and then I had to intervene.
  • I control the speed from the front when he pushes it from the other end. I wish it had a better speed control than using me. Grrrrr…
  • I have also felt that the distance between the front and rear wheel is quite less, so when he tries to ride, his feet get stuck with the rear wheel.

Let’s see, may be this problem is not much and he will soon learn to overcome this. Also, the wheels racing off problem is only when it’s used as a walker and when the child is in initial learning phase of walking. Once he gets a control on his steps, he gets a control on speed too. And this disadvantage turns into an advantage when it’s used as a ride on because it runs smooth and sturdy.

I am right now in a stage to use it as a ride on and my son somewhat like it too, but he still loves to use it as a walker. In fact I have asked many of my friends about this before writing this review, and most of them really liked it and highly recommend buying it and to some it just didn’t work. Some kids are 5-6 years of age and still love to play with this. One small girl has actually used it as the best pretend play item; she uses this stride on as a shopping cart and roams around putting items in it…lol

My rating: 4/5 stars



My verdict about Fisher Price Stride To Ride Lion:

I am always of the opinion that one should invest in educational and learning toys more than fun and entertainment one. Once my son is grown up I will have to buy many a times gadgets and toys of his choice, but I personally would chose over activities and toys which make you learn something.

Fisher price is known to make only that kind of toys which provide some kind of learning.

This stride to ride lion is a must buy over any other walker or learning tool. Its bright color, easy to assemble unit, light weight still sturdy and multipurpose use makes it a winner over others in my opinion. And even when its not used, its attractive color scheme and design makes it look good in your baby’s nursery/room.

Have you tried Fisher Price Stride To Ride Lion?

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