Five Major Issues New Mothers Need To Handle-

Five Major Issues New Mothers Need To Handle-

Pregnancy brings along new challenges and it is like nothing prepares you for it in spite of the tonnes of advices you get from your closed ones! It is something with you are undergoing and yourself need to find out a way to deal with it. I read somewhere that in pregnancy on the road to Motherhood is just like walking in a dark room with no light. You keep walking carefully without tripping until you reach where there is a small ray of light. That is exactly what happens in most cases.

Moreover delivering a baby is nothing different, once the baby is in the womb they needs to take care of and once they see the world they need to be taken care of at a different level. In addition to that you have to deal with so many other changes undergone in your mind & body, so all together there are many issues which concern a new mother.

So here are some of the major issues faced by new mommies and ways in which these things can be sorted out to ensure a healthy self after delivery.

How To Handle Mood Swings Post Delivery

Mood swings are the constant woes of women during pregnancy and even after delivery as the level of hormonal keep on fluctuating with the difference that occurs as each month passes after giving birth to a baby. If one is able to control the mood swings almost everything gets to normal and taking care of a baby become easier to handle.

3 Best Ways To Deal With Post-Partum Depression

Having a Baby is the most wonderful feeling in the whole world. It is also the most overwhelming. Not just your body but mentally also you go through a whirlwind of emotions. Post-Partum depression is mostly psychological and depends mostly on how you take these changes in your body & life to be the positive or the negative way! It is easy to console anyone but surely very difficult to sit back and reminisce about the kind of lifestyle you had before pregnancy let alone talk about post delivery!

Fears And Concerns That Trouble New Mothers

It is rightlfull said that mothers are over protective of their babies all through their lives. If there is anything intimidating new mothers that is sure to have an association with their child’s health, growth, mental state etc. New moms can’t help worrying.  The baby is so tiny and helpless and everyday brings a new challenge.  There is so much to do and so much to learn.  Remember, share your worries and burdens with other moms as it will help you get over your fears.  Talking about things makes them seem less frightening.

Unable to Breastfeed?? Don’t feel Guilty!

Breastfeeding is something which is associated with delivery and like all the other changes in a woman’s body this too adds to the already disturbed level of hormones and makes things a bit difficult to handle amidst all the new overjoys. But what if a woman is not able to feed the baby properly be it a matter of insufficient milk production or baby not able to suck from a hard nipple, all these are really haunting thoughts that keep visiting new mothers. So the best way is to not feel guilty about it as you didn’t do anything deliberately and it is not at all anyone’s fault (including you).

How To Accept Your Post Delivery Body

This is something very common with mostly 90% of new mothers who are happy to deliver and adore their babies but just can’t accept their post delivery body. It is a matter of patience for women as during pregnancy a lot of  weight is added to the body which is just not easy to shed off within a very short time span of 2-3 months. Accepting your new body after delivery will be a great option as you won’t always feel bad about your personality and would take proper steps to get back to your normal self with proper diet & fitness once your baby grows up to 5-6 months.

How was your experience as a New Mother?

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