Flavored Cornflakes For Baby’s Breakfast

 Sometime I feel, one day I will be a PhD holder in baby food research work! My 18 months old daughter Raima is such a picky eater that if I repeat her breakfast the other day she will simply turn her head side by side and say “na-na”…..The problem I face is Raima still has just 2 bottom teeth and 2 upper teeth, she cuts food stuff well but lacks the art of chewing food to swallow-able texture through gums. So I make sure her every meal is soft or coarse paste at least. If your baby has more teeth and can chew and swallow food you can just mash it with a masher.

Monday to Sunday I give her something new for the breakfast.

RECIPE 1 : Cornflakes with Chocos-Cardamom-Honey Flavor.

1. Add half cup of cornflakes in 1 cup of warm milk and let it stand for 10 min, the cornflakes will become soft. Meanwhile dry grind half cup chocos in grinder. (chocos does not grind properly to a smooth texture when wet)

2. Now blend both the cornflakes and chocos powder in the blender. Check the consistency, if it is too dense then add a little milk as per your baby’s convenience.

3. Pour it in serving bowl. Sprinkle powder of 1 cardamom and 1 spoon of almond powder (i have powdered 1 cup of almonds and stored it in a air tight container for quick use)

4. Drizzle with Dabur honey for the sweetness, and it is ready to serve…

Mostly I try to give my 18 month old baby a sweetened breakfast one morning and a salty one in the next morning. Actually, my baby Raima doesn’t like sweet too much but I want her to have a little more milk. I find any porridge made up of milk is the best and quick option.

RECIPE 2 : Cornflakes with Almond-Vanilla-Banana Flavor.

One of the sweetened breakfast that i often make for my baby is – Vanilla flavored Banana Cornflakes. The recipe is very simple and easy to cook for a quick breakfast.

1.Start with 1 cup of cornflakes dipped in a cup of warm milk for 5-10 min.

2. Mash up one whole banana with a masher.

3. Blend the mashed banana and the cornflakes in a blender. Check the consistency, if it is too dense add little more milk ( I use cow milk).  Sprinkle a spoon of almond powder (optional) for added nutritional value. Add 4-5 drops of vanilla essence and half a spoon of honey and it is ready to serve.

My little daughter with her tiny fingers was trying to grab the spoon in this pic here…she was very tempted to grab the banana slice  

Have you tried any flavors with cornflakes for your baby?

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