Flinto Jungle Theme And Continents Learning Review

Flinto Jungle theme and continents learning review

Hi Moms!

Hope you are able to handle the heat inside and outside with equal vigor! With heat inside I mean the chirpiness and loudness of the kids as the summer vacations are going on. It is very necessary to engage them somewhere to have that peaceful time yourself and at the same time make them learn something useful. I came across Flinto Box and thought to try it this time. I had ordered 3 months subscription for a total of INR 1875. The first box arrived recently and today I am sharing its review with you as I am totally impressed with it. I ordered it through a Cash-on –delivery mode of payment and received it well in time.
I had to pay for all the three months together so I guess ordering online through prepaid payment would have also served the same benefit.

The theme this time for the box was Jungle theme. It is for 4- 8 years with activities from content writing to other suitable activities as mentioned on the helm.

The packaging of the box is extremely cute with animals on the package designed very well to highlight the theme. It contains 4 packets inside with different activities for the kids.

The first package contained puzzles and board game for the kids to enjoy. The first puzzle involves matching the heads and tails of different animals and reptiles.

The board game involves two players who would go turn by turn rolling the dice and decide on the steps to match head and tails yet again. The one who makes 4 pairs of animals first wins the game. The game is just on the lines of usual snakes & ladders.

The second package opens up to reveal wildlife safari puzzle pieces and manual with child engagement for 30 minutes and parental involvement required. There are continents and animals to be matched i.e. which animals belong to which continents. The child needs to fold the animal cards and place on the respective continents. This is useful to make them aware about the animals. There is a separate map to be played on which also needs to be prepared as a puzzle for the matching game to be played on.

The third package has finger painting activity with colors and animal cut outs which need to be done by the kids using the colors provided making the cut outs stand. The colors are available inside the package itself which can be mixed and matched and used.

The last pack is wild life safari binocular activity wherein kids are required to use the binoculars and go for the hunt the animal pretend play with the animals that they paint as included in the previous activity.

There is a Flinto and Friends camping adventure book with stories for the kids to enjoy. The package also entails an apron and a messy mat for the kids to open and use this kit on.The entire kit is priced at INR 600 something which makes it a good deal. It keeps the kids engaged with engrossing activities and also gives you a satisfaction that they are doing something worthwhile.

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