Food Steamer To Sterilize Baby Bottles & Preparing Food

I have been thinking of talking about baby sterilizer since long time but some how it never happened.  I got it last year when my baby was around 2 months old and I have extensively used it. In fact I guess I have over used it. It’s one of the best things I invested in when it comes to baby care products and I think life wouldn’t have been as easy without it.


Why I bought a food steamer to sterlise my baby bottle:-

Reason I bought this steriliser was because of the multipurpose uses which it offers. I didn’t want to get a separate sterliser and food warmer, food processor etc etc zillion of things which just fill my kitchen which have no use when the baby grows up.

I read about food steamer bottle sterilization on various websites and then spoke to my pediatrician about it. He was completely Ok! with it and then only I went ahead with purchasing it.



Why I love this three tier food steamer:-

1) It makes all my baby work so damn easy. First thing which I do in the morning is to clean my baby bottle with bottle cleaner and then all put all the three bottles in the steamer. Although it is said that 10 minutes of steaming is good enough for bottle sterilization but I always do 20 just to be on the safer side. You can see my knob of the steamer has broken down. Thanks to my domestic help who I thought knew how to turn the knob right but she didn’t even know that..My mistake  I should have taught her before.

2) While cleaning the bottle I also plan what I am going to serve my baby in the breakfast or lunch . So from boiling potatoes , carrots, sweet potatoes, eggs etc.It can steam anything.So in the initial days when my baby started having semi solid I just used to steam one potato and put some powder milk into it and give it to her .So in one go I was able to sterilize my bottle and also steam my baby food. With this steamer I didn’t have to go through the process of buying another food processor or pressure cooking the food. As it is said that we should not thoroughly puree the initial baby food so that she gets the habit of chewing food in the coming months. With the steam I could easily take out 2-3 small pieces and mash the rest of the food and give it to my baby. Simple isn’t?

3) Now coming to my health.I use the third basket for my food.From steaming eggs, peas, broccoli ,capsicum , corn etc. It has never been this easy.. Just steam all your favourite vegetables and add dressing of your choice. In winters I used to steam tomatoes for my soup or boil peas to add into my soups .It comes with a drip  tray in which you can make rice but I have never done that. I am not a rice person and infact have almost given it up for health reason.

4) You can even  use the steamer for hot towels and to warm your wipes so if you live in a cold area then steamer can do this also for you.

So  with the help of this steamer I did all the three things together .Without this steamer I would have never been able to do so much and would have got completely lazy and doing all the above mentioned stuff.I used it more

Regarding the company which I bought etc., I think all steamers work more or less same. I got it of around INR 2500 -2800 and it has been used so much in my kitchen that I am planning to buy a new one soon. I bought it online because when you have a two months old baby with you then these kind of things are best to buy online.

Also , steamer is big enough to hold all shape and sizes of bottles. It’s just that now I need two compartments to sterilize three baby bottles and previously when she was small I needed just one. I even sterilise her sipper and cup into it. At one point of time I went crazy and was sterilizing every thing into it.

If you have a new born or toddler in your home and you are weight conscious then food steamer can be worth investing.:)

Do let me know if you also use food steamer to sterilise baby bottles and other things:-


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