Food To Avoid During Your Pregnancy

Food to avoid during your pregnancy

These nine months may be the most challenging months of your life. With your body undergoing a number of changes, you need to be extra careful about yourself as well as your surroundings. Watching your diet should on top of your list.  Most everyone says a mother should eat for two because she needs to take care of one more life. Is it true?  Well, one things for sure a mother should eat a healthy and balanced meal to sustain both her and the baby inside her.

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Here are a list of things you must avoid to ensure a smooth pregnancy.  Sometimes you might feel like it’s a long list,
but here are the basics:

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Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy :-

  • It is prescribed by doctors that intake of Vitamin A must be controlled because it may cause damage to embryo.
  • Raw meat, eggs and fish: These can infect you with salmonella or toxoplasmosis.  Avoid sushi and rare meats.
  •  Unpasteurised products: milk and soft cheeses because of the way cheese is made it may contain harmful bacteria.
  • Raw Eggs: Salmonella is the risk from raw egg. Avoid cake batter, raw cookie dough, homemade ice cream, custards, mayo, egg nog or Hollandaise sauce.
  • Fish: Mercury can be harmful to you baby because it can lead to brain damage. Foods to avoid: tilefish, king mackerel shark and sword fish.
  • Warm foods: Dates, pappaya, hing, cut down the mango
  • Heaty foods: Unripe papayas are not safe. An unripe or semi-ripe papaya is rich in a substance called latex.  It is known to have a concentrated form of latex that may trigger uterine contractions.  Papaya skin is also dangerous.  Ripe papayas are fine and a good source of vitamins but if you are unsure about it do consult your doctor.
  • Those who suffer from constipation, gas, bloating must avoid peas and other `heavy to digest’ cereals.
  • Too much acidic foods could cause nausea

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Remember, the baby inside depends on you for proper nutrition so do not forget to have supplemental nutrients while maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet.  Do get a list of healthy Indian foods and meals from doctor/dietician to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

What are some of the things you avoided during your pregnancy?  Tell us, we are sure our readers would love to know.


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