Fundooz Flavoured Yogurt – Food Recipe For One Year Old

I have a fussy, going-to-be-one-year old baby girl and I try hard to make her eat suji, paneer(Indian cheese), porridge etc but she is a stubborn child like her mom. Like an obedient child she always first takes the spoon filled with food in her mouth and a second later she spits it out. It’s irritating and sometimes when I think of cooking for her, I feel like not cooking at all as she is not going to eat anyway.

This time while doing grocery shopping in big bazaar I came across flavoured yogurt which had good amount of protein and carbs in it so I thought of giving it a try. I know its flavoured therefore baby Anvi might like it. So I mashed one banana in this yogurt and gave it to her. Voilla! She loved it although she didn’t have the whole banana but a child who refuses everything, have half fruit a day through some medium is wonderful. Ask the frustrated mom

Fundooz flavoured yogurt contains Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc, Iodine and milk in it and costs INR 10 each. If you buy a pack of four then it costs only INR 25. Now I carry this when ever I am travelling with a fruit. Just mash it up in the yogurt and baby likes it . It comes in four flavours, “vanilla and strawberry” is one of them . I am a vanilla fan so got baby Anvika the same. I would have given you more details but unfortunately my helper threw away the outer covering. I checked it online and its not available in major stores which is sad. It will be such a  boon for working women who want things to be delivered right at their door.

Anyways, Fundooz flavoured yogurt is definitely a product which I will recommend to moms whose infants do not like any fruits .You can give grated apple, banana, Sapodilla(chikku) etc to your baby. My baby doesn’t even like Litchi so I take out their seeds and cut into small pieces , mix it with the yogurt.

Do let me know what are the other quick ways by which you can make your baby eat any fruit  

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