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Keeping a toddler busy is such a big task. They are filled with energy and nothing can stop them. I have seen my daughter getting bored of her toys in one or two days.To avoid boredom I put few toys in front of her for the time being and then bring over a new set after a week.She gets excited to see her previous toys back and play with them for three four days.

One of her recent addition in her playing zone is this Funny Toy multifunction electronic organ. This was a gift from one of  our friends and it has become her favourite. It’s fun to see how Anvika actually wants to sit on her chair which comes along with the set and then play her music. She never sits at one place forget about the chair

 I didn’t find it on any Indian website but did find it out on Amazon here Multi-Function Electronic Ogran W/ 5 Drumbeat 8 Diffeent  Music Battery  

It costs around $35 although in India I am pretty sure it must be quite expensive. Let me know if you are aware of its pricing.

Why its worth investing in Baby drum and Musical Instrument:-

1) My baby is learning  to play it now and it s going to be useful for her in the coming years as well.

2) It’s a great way to develop musical interest in babies..Although all my daughter do is bang those drums and eat my brain but she really enjoys it ..

3) The product can be assembled and can be used separately  also to play.

4) Material used is of superior quality and my daughter has thrown and kicked it so many times but still its intact.

5) It’s easy to assemble it and you don’t need to put lot of brain and effort in assembling and dissembling it.

6) There is keyboards, 5 different drum beats which by the way attracts the toddlers most.It has eight different music and single songs playing at discretion.

7)Solidly crafted, colorful and engaging and is in English.

8)Chair is light weight and one can adjust its height.

9) Runs on battery

All in all its a great way to introduce your child to the world of music and its a great gift option too

Do let me know if any one of you have tried Funny toy Baby Drum And Musical Instrument

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