Funschool Triple Track Tower Review – Toddlers Games 1-3 Year Old

Funschool Triple Track Tower Review – Toddlers Games 1-3 Year Old

Hello Everyone,

Today I am here to review an amazing toy which is very appropriate for a toddler and is a fun way to get the toddler learn about how to play in group of 2-3 kids.

This is  a triple track tower where three tracks are given which have different elevation levels and each track has a unique uneven  topography.

About Funschool Triple Track Tower:-

This is a perfectly sized toy apt for toddler’s hands. It is an extremely easy & user friendly toy which motivates the kids to play in group and that too in a healthy competitive way. The main features of this track tower are as under:

  • It has an electronic racetrack
  • Consists of three different tracks & race cars
  • Also consists of a finish line checkered flag
  • Has a use manual with instructions


This is a great toy for toddlers given the fact that they get acquainted of certain things like playing in a group of 2-3 kids as each kid can have a single track of his choice. It induces a feeling of normal competition in the kids.

The toddlers also learn how to differentiate between the colors of the tracks as they have a particular color as that of  race cars.  The kids also learn how to count in the initial stage as the tracks are numbered as 1,2 & 3. The product is really easy to assemble and kids alone can do this with little guidance by the parents.

In my opinion, this triple track tower can be enjoyed very well by both boys & girls equally.

I hope you find this toy enjoyable for you little one!

Have you tried Funschool tripe track tower ?

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