Game For 3 To 7-Year Old Kids : Welcome To Magic Box Inkmeo Family

Game For 3 To 7-Year Old Kids : Welcome To Magic Box Inkmeo Family

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Recently I happened to visit the World Book Fair which is held every year in Pragati Maidan, Delhi.  Well, if you too are a book lover like me, I must say it’s such a delight visiting the place, especially now when my child is at an age where tonnes of things are available for her! So, for me it has been an yearly ritual to visit this Book Fair.

I started visiting the fair when my daughter was 1 year old and now she is 5 and it is such a great feeling to take her back there!

Who doesn’t want their child to read more and spend less time on phone! And thankfully we have made it possible sometime and I even feel guilty when I am spending my time on Instagram and she is reading but then kids also teach us lot of thing and that’s the reason I have also started reading more than I used to before!

About the Game Magic Box Inkmeo Family

Coming to this very nice and simple game which I got from the Book Fair, it is basically a coloring game which has a coloring roll which you need to paste on the wall & kids can color the characters, alphabets and so many other things.



InkMeo’s Wall Colouring Roll offers your child a fun, hands-on and educational introduction to creative development. By utilizing letter recognition, colour blending and interactive story building, your kids will take their first big step towards cultivating cognitive motor skills, while promoting accelerated reading.

Each category specifically designed to leave your child engaged and full of artistic confidence. Simply sit back, relax, and let the good times roll as your kids explore their unlimited potential.

The InkMeo Wall Colouring Roll is the perfect choice for any toddler or child looking to express themselves through creativity. Encourage your child with the gift of creativity and watch them make their mark on the world – or wall.

Benefits of Inkmeo Wall Colouring Roll:

  • Fine Motor Skill, Hand-eye co-ordination, Colour Recognition, Stimulates Creativity.
  • Includes 12 colour wax crayons, Wall Stickers and Inkmeo Stickers.
  • Free Android and iOS augmented reality app.
  • Dimension of Inkmeo Wall Colouring Roll : Length – 7 feet Height – 1 feet

There is a wide variety which is available and you can easily pick what your kid loves the most!

Price: INR 299

Buy it from here

My Experience with Welcome To Magic Box Inkmeo Family

Since Anvika picked alphabets we got the same for her!  There are so many other things as well which you can try with your kids.

I love the fact how Anvika is addicted to this game! It comes with tiny colors but it is good for the kids to color the objects on the coloring roll! Anvika didn’t complain about them even once!

You can also download the app which is mentioned on the box and see that the kids can see the character coming live on the mobile, but then if it is strictly no mobile for your kid, it is out of question but yes it is far better than the stupid cartoon videos on YouTube!

What I love most about this game is that it doesn’t involve my constant assistance and that she can spend as much time in her own world of imagination!

The game has the coloring roll which has double sided stickers so you do not need cello tapes or wall tapes to paste the roll and it easily comes out without damaging the paint of the wall or soiling it at all!

I think this is a great game to pack it along while going out for a holiday or a friends place as it is creative & keeps the kids occupied in doing something they love! Also it gives a lot of alone time to both the parents who sometimes struggle to have a lone time while on a holiday!

What I like about Magic Box Inkmeo Family?

  • Creative fun
  • Keeps the kids occupied
  • Gives a lot of “me time” to parents to work
  • It also keeps them imagining about various objects or alphabets
  • It creates an object image which they enjoy knowing & visualize for better learning
  • Coloring is absolute fun for kids
  • Doesn’t require parents assistance throughout
  • Is very easy to use & simple game
  • Doesn’t spoil the wall
  • Comes with a double sided adhesive tape!

What I don’t like about Magic Box Inkmeo Family

Have you tried the Magic Box Inkmeo family game before?

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