Grandma Secrets For Raising New Borns

Grandma secrets for raising new borns

We always follow tips given by our parents when it comes to parenting. Ever wondered who gave to them? It has to be our grandmothers. It is said and believed that grandmothers possess all the skills when it comes to raising new borns. If these tips are followed then parenting becomes really easy than many who consider it as rocket science. All you need to be is a fun loving, involved parent. Here are some tips to be a smart mom for your little smarty pants passed on from our grandma.

Hold your baby



Yes, holding the baby will make them more worthy, respected and with a higher self image. If you think it’s bad to hold the baby, then banish the guilt in you. It is good and natural to hold the baby.

Say no to baby wipes



Baby wipes can burn a hole in the pocket and also tamper the delicate skin of the baby. Our good old grandma’s have said that if the baby is 100% breastfed then it doesn’t need baby wipes. Also breastfed baby faeces are low in bacteria and acids; they are watery and wipe off easily, the urine is non corrosive and dilute. Wipe the butt with a wet cloth and re wrap with a fresh cloth diaper and you’re good to go. Say bye bye to expensive baby wipes.

Shield from long-sleep leakage

Mostly babies sleep for long hours. If your baby sleeps for long durations then use soft cotton cloth pad. Using these can avoid the baby to sleep on soaked sheets for longer durations.

Sterilizing is simple


Sterilize the entire baby’s feeding equipment the old fashioned way. Heat a pot of water in it, add all the equipment and let it cool, remove, wipe and its ready to use. Say no to expensive sterilizers available in the markets.

Be ready for the spray

Babies tend to pee when cool air hits their private parts. Open the diaper slowly for it to run like a stream, this will avoid it being over you and the nursery. You can also cover the privates with a washcloth, which will avoid in making a mess.

Music soothes

It’s an ancient tradition to use music to put the babies to sleep. It’s been followed now for eons of years. Music always has calming effects on kids. It can even relax them, soothe and put them to sleep too. It can change the mood of any given ambience.

Skip the shoes


Until the baby can walk there is no need of any shoes and that goes without saying. Yes, socks are a definite option instead of shoes. Avoid splurging money or expensive booties and a large number of them to match every outfit of the baby. Instead save the money and use it later,you wont repent doing this step.

Get them to sleep later

Is your baby an early riser? And you being his/her mother wake up late? This can be really inconsistent and tough job in parenting. Create an atmosphere for the baby to sleep for some more hours by blacking out existing curtains in baby’s room. Open when not needed and close at bedtime. Handling time becomes easy and simple.

Following these simple tips can make any couple’s life into a happy parenting phase. Our good old grandma’s have passed on some very important tips for us if we use them diligently. The baby will only grow smart with these tips.



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