Hand And Foot Disease In Babies, Precaution & Cure

Motherhood comes with lots of ups and downs and the most difficult phase is seeing your baby ill.Babies  don’t have the immunity to resist  anything and slightest of health problem just shakes away mom’s world.There is one such disease that a mother feels helpless when the pediatrician says that your baby has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

What is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease?



Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is a disease fond in infants/babies. There will be small red eruptions on the body of the baby. The boils like eruptions are mainly in that palm, feet, legs or buttocks. There will be sores in the mouth too which makes the baby difficult swallow food. These sores and rashes will be accompanied with fever too. The baby will lose appetite and there will be challenge of facing dehydration too.

This disease is contagious, highly infectious.

How long do Hand Foot and Mouth Disease take to cure?

On a general note, this disease takes about one week to cure. The initial 3-4 days are very difficult since there will be fever and swallowing is painful due to sores. After 4-5 days the disease begins to cure. One week of medication is sufficient.

What is the diet to be followed for babies suffering from Hand Foot and Mouth Disease?


Until the sores heal it would be difficult for babies to have anything solid or even semi solid. So, liquid would be of great help. Hot, citrus and even spicy nature liquids should be avoided.

 Fruit smoothies high in calorie and protein would be easy to swallow for babies. They also provide th energy needed.

Hygiene during and after Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

High hygiene is to be maintained in babies so as to avoid Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Even after the disease subsides, hygiene is a must. Since this disease is highly contagious, care has to be taken so that the disease does not spread to other babies as well.

Sponge bath for babies is advisable for babies suffering from this disease.

Some ideas about medications during Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

  • Suthol drops added into bath water helps in healing the body sores.
  • Applying calamine lotion is also advised for soothing of the body rashes.
  • Zytee is usually suggested for mouth of the suffering babies. (My colleague has faced this disease for her son. She was the one who had mentioned about Zytee)

P.S – Make sure that you consult your doctor before giving any medicine to your baby.

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