Help! My Toddler Still Doesn’t Sleep At Night

Help! My Toddler Still Doesn’t Sleep At Night

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Baby Blog tends to focus on the baby and mother care aspects and tries best to come to a suitable solution with most common baby related issues which new mothers struggle with. Since there are rising number of nuclear families these days, parenting a toddler becomes a tedious task for mother and father along with managing career, finances and other home responsibilities.

So, the prime responsibility of upbringing a child is more on the mother as she is the one who is doing all the basics like nursing, cleansing, feeding etc.

We received a number of queries from new mothers asking for possible solutions related to sleeping problems in babies/ toddlers. As to their toddlers still find it difficult to sleep peacefully for a few hours at night in a stretch which makes it impossible for a mother to have ample time to do other house chores or take rest herself. The query originally is,

Help! My Toddler Still Doesn’t Sleep At Night

Well, every toddler tends to have a different sleeping pattern which changes as the baby grows up! Usually most parents struggle with this issue at some point of parenthood and seek out suitable solutions to get away from it.

Below are some of the tips which can be followed to make sure that toddler sleeps peacefully at night without disturbing the night time sleep of parents.

  • Make sure that your toddler engages in physical activities. Sitting and playing indoor games will not help in the overall development of the toddler as they need to move around, be physically active for better growth. This will also ensure that your kid gets a good night’s sleep in a stretch.
  • Never let your toddler fall asleep at odd hours like in the evening. Engage them in some fun activities or take them out. Because if they sleep in the evening there are lesser chances that they will be ready to go to bed at night.
  • Give them a relaxing bath before sleep time. During summers it will induce sleep and the child will feel relieved from the high temperature. During winters a warm cloth wipe will ensure the good night’s sleep.
  • Try to give a massage to your kids before sleeping as it will help in strengthening the joints and muscles and help in relaxing them. This will ensure a sound sleep throughout the night.
  • Always make sure to read to your kids any bedtime story. They will be willing to sleep for the sake of the story everyday and develop an interest for reading and build an imaginative power by themselves.

These were some of the commonly used tips advised by most people to make their toddler sleep soundly at night. I hope you like these.

Have you tried these ways to make your toddler fall asleep?

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